Trilio unveils TrilioVault cloud-native data protection platform for Kubernetes

Trilio, a leading provider of data protection for cloud-native environments, announced early access availability of its new platform for protecting Kubernetes container applications.

TrilioVault for Kubernetes is a cloud-native, application-centric data protection platform that was designed from the ground-up to support the scale, performance and mobility requirements of Kubernetes containers across any private or public cloud environment.

TrilioVault for Kubernetes offers backup and recovery of the entire application, including data, metadata and any other Kubernetes objects associated with the application, so it is protected and able to be restored from any point in time.

TrilioVault for Kubernetes supports applications provisioned via Operators, Helm or Labels within upstream Kubernetes or Red Hat OpenShift environments. Additionally, the platform is cloud agnostic, offering customers the agility to move with the application across public and private cloud infrastructure.

TrilioVault is a native Kubernetes application that leverages core Kubernetes APIs and the CSI framework to provide simple snapshot, backup and restore operations as well as making it seamless to deploy and manage. TrilioVault for Kubernetes also extends core functionality of monitoring and logging through Prometheus and Grafana.

Trilio and Red Hat announced that TrilioVault for Kubernetes has achieved Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certification and can be installed via the OpenShift OperatorHub.

“Our customers and partners asked us to develop a cloud-native, application-centric data protection product for Kubernetes applications that is cloud agnostic,” said David Safaii, CEO of Trilio.

“Today, we are excited to offer early access of TrilioVault for Kubernetes to those IT administrators or application developers who are looking for an enterprise-grade platform to support their backup and recovery, migrations, disaster recovery and mobility requirements.

“We will add features like advanced retention policies, backup script injection and logging thru FluentD to further simplify data protection for general availability. Additionally, customers can also expect Trilio to validate additional distributions throughout the year.”

TrilioVault for Kubernetes is offered as a 30-day Free Trial or Basic Edition for up to 10 nodes free of charge. The Enterprise Edition is available with premium support and is priced on a per node basis for annual contracts.

Company awarded patents

The company also announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued three patents to the company, acknowledging the innovation and uniqueness of the company’s intellectual property portfolio that underpins the TrilioVault architecture.

TrilioVault was designed to support the requirements of cloud-native environments, and the patents awarded address this approach.

The TrilioVault platform provides backup and recovery of an application’s data and metadata being run in Kubernetes containers, OpenStack hybrid clouds, Red Hat Virtualization or hyperconverged infrastructure environments.

The TriloVault architecture is agentless and offers infinite scalability, self-service management and an open, universal backup schema that make it ideal for protecting cloud-native applications.

Cloud-native applications are dynamic, scalable and composed of multiple resources: virtual machines, containers, storage volumes and metadata. Legacy backup solutions are storage focused and are not architected for the complexity of cloud-native applications.

“Early on, Trilio recognized the limitations of legacy backup products,” said Murali Balcha, CTO of Trilio.

“We designed a platform from the ground up to solve the challenges of supporting the requirements of cloud-native applications. Our patent portfolio, inclusive of our pending patents, is proof that our engineering team has created a novel and progressive technology that addresses the data protection and management needs of enterprises and service providers that are embracing cloud.”

Balcha continued, “We often hear from our customers how innovative our technology is and how it solves tough problems. This inspires us to continue the hard work required to take TrilioVault to new markets, including our new product that supports customers requiring backup and recovery of Kubernetes- and OpenShift-based applications.”

The patents received by Trilio include:

  • Method and Apparatus of Managing Application Workloads on Backup and Recovery System (US Patent #10/437,681)
  • Prioritized Backup Operations for Virtual Machines (US Patent #10/437,487)
  • Scalable De-duplication File System (US Patent #14/562,973)
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