CloudKnox enhances its platform to help orgs accelerate cloud adoption

CloudKnox Security, provider of the only cloud permissions management platform for hybrid and multi-cloud environments, announced key capabilities in its platform that help enterprises optimize operational efficiency for critical cloud infrastructure.

CloudKnox customers who are accelerating cloud adoption and digital transformation realize up to 75% cost savings across all operational areas, including security, infrastructure, and audit and compliance.

The patented CloudKnox Activity-Based Authorization Protocol enables security and infrastructure teams to easily create activity profiles for each unique identity and resource with access to an organization’s growing cloud infrastructure.

In combination with the CloudKnox Just Enough Privileges (JEP) Controller, customers can automate and simplify permissions right-sizing across VMware, AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, resulting in significant cost and time savings.

By measuring and monitoring least privilege policy enforcement with its patented Privilege Creep Index and ensuring separation of duties across the entire cloud infrastructure as a part of CloudKnox’s lifecycle approach to managing permissions, the platform enables organizations to significantly expand their cloud footprint efficiently, securely and cost-effectively.

“We are constantly evaluating which parts of our clients’ businesses we can securely move to the cloud to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives and make their businesses more resilient during times of uncertainty,” said Shaq Khan, CEO of Fortifire, a CloudKnox partner.

“But with that comes questions about how to protect critical cloud resources to which we haven’t always had answers, such as which identities have permissions granting access to those resources and what actions can be performed on those resources.

“CloudKnox is the only vendor on the market that helps us efficiently answer those questions while dramatically reducing the operating costs associated with securing public cloud infrastructure.”

CloudKnox helps companies achieve significant cost savings across their multi-cloud and hybrid cloud security and infrastructure operations, including automated reporting, infrastructure security and operational anomaly detection, investigation and remediation.

Additionally by automating the entire process of permissions management across an organization’s cloud infrastructure, the CloudKnox platform accelerates the overall product development, audit and compliance processes while reducing costs by up to 75%.

“As organizations worldwide accelerate the large-scale adoption of multi-cloud and hybrid cloud infrastructures, companies need to be able to cost efficiently manage the day to day operations and the greatest risk to hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure,” said Raj Mallempati, Chief Operating Officer of CloudKnox Security.

“The CloudKnox Permissions Management Platform enables enterprises to protect their critical cloud infrastructure from the risk of over-provisioned machine and human identities, while delivering exceptional ROI and TCO.”

CloudKnox Security offers a free Cloud Identity Risk Assessment to help enterprises understand their cloud identity and resource risk profile.

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