Deque unveils automated GitHub-based app that detects and suggests accessibility fixes

Deque Systems, a leading software company specializing in digital accessibility, introduced axe Linter, an automated GitHub-based app which checks source code for common accessibility issues, automatically finding and suggesting fixes.

Developers can supplement existing accessibility testing efforts by using axe Linter to catch accessibility problems early in the development process, significantly reducing future testing and remediation efforts.

Once axe Linter is enabled for a GitHub organization, it can be installed or enforced on every repository, running automatically on every change or pull request without further input or processes from the development team.

“Axe Linter saves time and money by shifting inspection to the earliest phase of development, so accessibility problems can be identified and repaired before code even gets merged,” says Dylan Barrell, Chief Technology Officer at Deque Systems.

“Once installed in your GitHub repository, it requires no further developer effort to get feedback on code changes. Axe Linter only analyzes new or changed code and makes suggestions on how to resolve accessibility issues. We expect it will become a must-have element of our axe DevTools solutions.”

Axe Linter is built upon a growing list of rules based on WCAG 2.1 as well as a number of best practices. The application has been refined to return zero false positives.

Axe Linter can have an immediate impact on the accessibility of development efforts, helping to make websites and applications more accessible for all, including people with disabilities.

“Axe Linter offers easier-than-push-button accessibility checking for source code, ensuring accessibility checks are in place for every change or pull request. When combined with the popular free axe Browser Extension for testing within the browser, or any of Deque’s Enterprise offerings, development teams have everything they need to make a huge impact on making their apps more accessible to people with disabilities,” says Preety Kumar, CEO, Deque Systems.

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