ClearSale chooses Microsoft Azure to support and protect e-commerce transactions

ClearSale, an international fraud protection organization, announced it has moved the hosting of its anti-fraud application to Microsoft Azure. This move ensures customers will receive consistent and high-quality fraud protection as ClearSale continues to innovate and grow, helping e-commerce businesses stay secure even during online shopping spikes.

Understanding the importance of its fraud prevention services to clients in a time when e-commerce sales continue to skyrocket, ClearSale wanted to ensure that its high-demand merchant services could maintain the levels of reliability and effectiveness while continuing to answer the needs of current and future customers in reducing chargebacks and eliminating fraud.

ClearSale’s proprietary fraud-fighting products and services require a sophisticated environment to support its advanced statistical technology. Migrating to cloud services on Azure and using the Azure SQL Database hyperscale tier allows ClearSale to leverage familiar technologies on a high-availability platform.

Importantly, using Azure’s automated scalability features will help ClearSale focus on features, innovation, and growth. “Working in the Microsoft Azure SQL Database hyperscale tier helps us streamline upgrades to new and existing applications,” says Jelther Goncalves, Data Engineer at ClearSale. “And with instant, unlimited scaling, customers can rely on us when it counts.”

Wisam Hirzalla, senior director, Azure Marketing at Microsoft Corp. said, “In today’s environment of increasingly sophisticated online fraud, companies like ClearSale help merchants by protecting them with sophisticated hybrid solutions. We are pleased that ClearSale has chosen Microsoft Azure to support and protect e-commerce transactions for its global customers.”

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