SecureTrust launches cloud-based PCI compliance and risk mitigation platform

SecureTrust, a division of Trustwave, announced SecureTrust PCI Manager, a cloud-based platform delivering Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance validation and enhanced risk mitigation for acquiring banks and merchant service providers.

SecureTrust PCI Manager is purpose-built for all self-assessing entities (Level 2 through Level 4) to facilitate and streamline compliance validation as data regulations grow and cyber threats evolve.

The self-service platform, accessible on computer or mobile devices, couple compliance assessment and continuous management with powerful security features including anti-virus, unencrypted cardholder data detection, remote access and mobile security.

The platform incorporates data-driven profiling processes resulting in correct Self-Assessment Questionnaire selection for merchants and a PCI Wizard that auto-populates fields to save time.

“SecureTrust PCI Manager helps our merchants achieve PCI compliance through a process that drives accuracy and is less time consuming, giving our merchants more time to focus on growing their business and enhancing the customer experience,” stated Robyn Mitchell, chief compliance officer at North American Bancard.

Featured in SecureTrust PCI Manager is Sponsor View, an overarching application for acquiring banks and service providers designed to help manage PCI and card brand compliance programs efficiently under a single view.

Sponsor View provides a holistic merchant management portal with leading-edge monitoring, management and robust reporting capabilities, including a custom report builder, branding capabilities, single-sign-on and web risk monitoring integrations. These features are designed to bolster program management productivity by empowering compliance and operation teams with information and tools they can tap into as needed.

With the launch of the new platform, SecureTrust is debuting a new compliance concierge service. The service delivers additional value to stakeholders by driving growth for partners through new engagement capabilities and helping solve compliance challenges for merchants through one-on-one consultation and account management services.

The concierge service tightly integrates SecureTrust technologies and services with a global, multi-lingual network of PCI compliance experts under a managed offering that includes account and status monitoring and proactive outreach services before PCI compliance status is affected.

“Organizations throughout the world are under constant assault by cybercriminals determined to reap profits from stolen card data,” said Michael Petitti, president at SecureTrust.

“Not only is cybercrime a daunting challenge, but how to achieve and maintain compliance for payment data as regulations mount and heavy fines are levied is a top concern. With SecureTrust PCI Manager, we provide an easy pathway to achieving PCI compliance and delivering security capabilities uniquely designed to protect sensitive data regardless of how global commerce evolves.”

SecureTrust is recognized as an industry leader for PCI compliance validation solutions by bringing together over 25 years of experience, hundreds of experts and market-driven technology into services that help merchants and partners effectively manage risk and drive business value.

SecureTrust staffs the largest global team of QSAs and is recognized by the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) as a qualified Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) assessor, Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) assessor, Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV), Forensic investigator (PFI) and Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) company.

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