Hexnode integrates with Okta to add new features to the identity and access management solution

Hexnode the emerging global leader in the UEM market has recently announced incorporating new integration with Okta a popular cloud-based identity and access management solution. The integration adds more flexibility to the solution in the area of identity and access management functionalities.

Okta Cloud Identity helps organizations tackle security in managing workforce identities within an organization. It secures authentication and controls identities, thus managing user access to corporate resources and applications.

The Single Sign On (SSO) from Okta is a widely popular feature that allows users to sign in to multiple applications using a single credential. The adaptive Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) techniques offered by the platform are also a high security feature often used by organizations to prevent data breaches.

“With this integration admins can sync their Okta directories to Hexnode for allowing secure, seamless access to the Hexnode portal. We consider this integration to be just a starting point and plan on integrating more features offered by Okta such as Single Sign On and Multi Factor Authentication. We are focusing on solving the security concerns of our end user by adding other beneficial integrations as well,” Rachana Vijayan, CMO.

For customers who use Okta in their organization, the integration becomes highly advantageous for the fast enrollment of devices in Hexnode with Okta credentials. Also, the Single Sign On and the Multi Factor Authentication functionality that is soon to be released will be another security feature in Hexnode’s toolkit.

Devices belonging to iOS, Android, Windows, macOS etc can be now enrolled easily to Hexnode MDM with Okta from now on.

Hexnode, amidst this COVID-19 situation, has been vigilant and adapting quickly to provide its customers with the best tool to manage devices remotely. For Hexnode, this integration with Okta is a big leap in the identity and access management platform.

Along with Okta, Hexnode has released a set of other new features that complements advanced device management such as Android file explorer and a set of Mac management features.

Android file explorer allows the organization to view and manage all the files in an Android device. A handy feature that helps with content management. Location tracking for Mac devices is made possible from now on with the newest release.

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