Motimatic unveils cybersecurity solution to help organizations prevent phishing attacks

Motimatic, a social impact company that enhances motivation and reinforces positive behavior through its marketing-for-good platform, announced the launch of a new cybersecurity solution for corporate employees.

Motimatic for Cybersecurity enables enterprises to complement their existing cybersecurity investments by leveraging the power of social media and digital advertising to deliver targeted messages that educate employees, reinforce best practices, and motivate viewers to take preventative measures against cyberattacks.

Employee negligence is the main cause of network breaches, according to an industry report from the information security firm Shred-it. And while a number of anti-phishing technological solutions and employee training programs exist, none have proven effective at keeping employees regularly engaged, motivated, and aware of their role in preventing phishing attacks.

Motimatic’s turnkey marketing-for-good platform combines behavioral science with online advertising technologies and proprietary personalization algorithms to deliver dynamic cybersecurity messages guided by each individual’s propensities and online habits.

For one current client, Motimatic improved employees’ cybersecurity awareness and knowledge of best practices, leading to a 50 percent improvement on phishing fail rates, a 49 percent increase in training engagement, and a 5x increase in cybersecurity resource visits.

“We were looking for innovative approaches to cybersecurity awareness and found one in Motimatic. The solution is engaging and effective. I’ve recommended it to several colleagues already,” said Jennifer Griffin Schaeffer, Vice President IT and CIO at Athabasca University.

Motimatic’s solution reduces cybersecurity risks by reaching employees on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat and others.

Motimatic creates and distributes compelling content, backed by Motivation Science, through the social platforms’ native ads, feeds, and other placements in order to reach employees when and where they are most engaged and receptive to important messaging.

Motimatic’s cybersecurity solution helps organizations prevent phishing attacks by:

  • Nurturing a security-first culture: Motimatic’s solution engages employees where they are most receptive in order to effectively change behavior and beliefs about cybersecurity. It makes participation fun, not tedious, and helps companies build a transparent security culture.
  • Seamlessly building on existing security awareness programs: Motimatic’s solution does not require companies to start from scratch. It expands awareness of and adherence to programs already in place. It helps promote ongoing education regardless of whether employees are at the office or home. The solution also gets new and existing employees up to speed fast by teaching them to spot ever-changing sophisticated phishing and pretexting techniques.
  • Improving cybersecurity KPIs: Motimatic’s solution helps improve cybersecurity awareness and training engagement metrics. The program boosts phishing test scores and positively impacts metrics around security resource views, training module utilization and reported incidents.

“Our cybersecurity solution is more than a training program; it’s an opportunity for systemic change — a chance to revitalize outdated practices and radically reduce corporate risk,” said Mihir Shah, CEO of Motimatic.

“We believe that the best way to affect change at the corporate level is to communicate with employees through the channels that are most integrated into their daily lives. Our new cybersecurity solution leverages the power of social media and motivation science to change employee behavior and improve policy compliance.”

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