Swimlane Analyst Hub: Increasing access to educational content and open-source tools

Swimlane, an industry leader in security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) announced the launch of the Swimlane Analyst Hub as a way to aggregate its open-source and developer tools and content for security analysts.

Free resources and tools include thought leadership on understanding APIs, enhancing digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) processes with PowerShell, and how to make the MITRE ATT&CK framework actionable with pyattck.

Two of the primary open-source tools introduced in the Analyst Hub are pyattck 2.0 and an equivalent PowerShell version called PSAttck.

These new releases provide security operations centers, defenders, and offensive security teams with external data points to enrich MITRE ATT&CK by providing potential commands, queries, and even detections for specific techniques. Swimlane’s Deep Dive team will continue to enhance and add additional open-source tools on the Analyst Hub.

“As InfoSec professionals, it’s our responsibility to mentor, educate and guide newcomers so they can one day do the same—simple recursion,” said Josh Rickard, Swimlane Deep Dive team member. “Providing content—especially open-source tools—that help individual security professionals at all levels is how I give back to a community that has given me so much.”

“My primary interest in automation has always been about making life easier for the security analyst,” added Nick Tuasek, Swimlane Deep Dive team member.

“As a former analyst myself with eight years in the chair, I know how difficult, unforgiving and repetitive the job can be. Building tools that can increase analyst accuracy, efficiency, speed and quality of life is why I work at Swimlane.”

With decades of combined real-world, hands-on security experience, the Swimlane Deep Dive team is comprised of security research engineers committed to conducting original research; providing general, SOAR-specific and compliance-related thought leadership; and developing open-source tools to benefit security professionals across the industry.

“As a part of our analyst-first outlook at Swimlane, we are proud to launch the Swimlane Analyst Hub, which will allow us to continue supporting and enabling security analysts across our industry, no matter the security solutions they use,” said Swimlane Co-Founder and CEO Cody Cornell.

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