Volterra​ launches VoltShare to simplify the process of securely encrypting confidential data end-to-end

Volterra​, an innovator in distributed cloud services, announced the launch of VoltShare to radically simplify the process of securely encrypting confidential data end-to-end.

VoltShare is available as downloadable software (or an API and SDK) that operates locally on a laptop or mobile device to easily encrypt sensitive data for sharing with target recipients through email or existing collaboration platforms such as Slack, Teams, Dropbox, etc.

It is a simpler and more secure approach than traditional file sharing and encryption solutions since it does not require sending passwords or managing complex public-key cryptography.

“The dramatic rise in remote work is here to stay for the long term. With so many employees working at home, it’s more important than ever that they can securely share data and leverage the leading collaboration platforms without having to worry about their data being compromised,” said Manish Mehta, Chief Security Architect at Volterra.

“Unfortunately, this market has been stagnant, with organizations never moving beyond the use of passwords and public keys. By eliminating them both, VoltShare provides the safest method for end-to-end encryption in a way that’s very simple for end users to adopt.”

File and data encryption is normally performed using one of two traditional workflows and technologies. The most common approach is a sender encrypts information using a high-strength algorithm and generates a unique password for decryption by the recipient.

This creates a key security gap as now the password must be securely shared with the same recipient as the encrypted data, which usually is not possible in a secure manner. As a result, the password is often sent via a second email or other communication.

A more secure, but much more complicated, method is to use an enterprise-grade encryption technology like PGP or other public-key cryptography along with complex enterprise vaults.

This workflow is both complex and costly to implement and operate, and thus is only used by larger organizations with significant IT and security resources. It also lacks the ability to create custom security policy attributes like a deadline after which the data cannot be decrypted.

VoltShare: Much simpler and more secure encryption for sensitive data

Volterra’s VoltShare provides end users and organizations of all sizes with a simple and highly secure workflow for sharing their confidential data using our patent-pending end-to-end encryption technology with built-in policy controls. End users simply:

  • Download the VoltShare application
  • Register and create an account
  • Add text and/or attach a file
  • Create a policy based on recipients’ email address and duration
  • Share the encrypted content via email or their existing collaboration tool

When the target recipients receive the encrypted data, they simply have to decrypt the data using VoltShare. Assuming they are using the email address specified by the sender and are within the specified timeframe, the data automatically decrypts.

In contrast to traditional encryption techniques for data sharing, VoltShare doesn’t create or send any passwords. Nor does it burden the enterprise with the cost and complexity of deploying public-key cryptography for signing, encrypting and decrypting data.

Complement to existing collaboration platforms

VoltShare complements a wide range of collaboration tools and platforms like Slack, Teams, Box and Dropbox by adding an additional layer of encryption and protection for stored and shared data. If the collaboration platform were ever breached, the content protected by VoltShare would not be readable by the perpetrator.

Free and enterprise versions available

VoltShare is available as a free software download for base users and a paid enterprise subscription for increased security and compliance.

The VoltShare enterprise subscription provides an expanded set of control and reporting capabilities including full integration with single sign-on (SSO) systems, the ability to override policies, audit logs and real-time alerting.

The enterprise edition also provides enterprises with the ability to build end-to-end encryption in their own applications using VoltShare’s SDK and APIs.

Both versions provide the same easy-to-use workflow that don’t use passwords or public keys.

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