AppNeta c50: Expanding cloud visibility with container-based monitoring

AppNeta, the leader in actionable, 4-Dimensional network performance monitoring, announces the introduction of their latest monitoring point, the c50, which is entirely built upon container technology to enable enterprises to gain seamless, comprehensive visibility into their critical cloud and container-based environments.

With more businesses turning to the cloud and leveraging containers to drive success as they undergo rapid digital transformation, performance insight into these connections is now an essential component of any enterprise-grade network monitoring strategy.

Many enterprises that have made significant investments into cloud have also adopted containers as a deployment scheme to help decrease system overhead, increase application portability and improve consistency in app performance.

Deploying monitoring solutions in cloud environments such as these is significantly easier with AppNeta’s container-based Monitoring Point due to the lightweight nature, ease of automation, and portability.

The c50 enables enterprise teams to deploy monitoring outside of the firewall to enable performance visibility anywhere containers are supported, or right beside their apps in the cloud to provide a network reference for dual-ended monitoring.

Because easy cloud deployment is paramount, AppNeta has focused on testing and recommending Kubernetes as the orchestration platform given its wide adoption and availability across all major cloud vendors.

The c50 builds on AppNeta’s class-leading, enterprise-grade suite of physical, virtual and native O/S monitoring point solutions, which enable visibility across a diverse array of cloud and vendor environments, from almost anywhere users are located.

AppNeta can deliver comprehensive visibility over single or multiple connections, and across networks running up to 100 Gbps, to provide a true understanding of end-user performance.

“As more enterprises go ‘cloud-first,’ the ability to understand the entire application delivery network is now a fundamental requirement for success,” said AppNeta CEO Matt Stevens.

“AppNeta provides the most flexible range of performance visibility options on the market, arming IT with performance insights from individuals working from home all the way up to 100Gbps data centers, and allowing enterprises to scale their monitoring architectures across any-sized public, hybrid, or private cloud footprint.”

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