Alliant and ACA Aponix unveil a new cybersecurity risk mitigation and transfer solution offering

Alliant Insurance Services announced the launch of a new cybersecurity risk mitigation and transfer solution offering, PortCo Protect. Created in partnership with ACA Aponix, PortCo Protect is tailored to the needs of private equity managers and their portfolio companies.

“Uniting ACA’s proprietary assessment risk index with our risk modeling and analytics services was a win-win,” said Sandy Crystal, Executive Vice President, Alliant Specialty. “Now, more than ever, it is imperative that firms are aware of their exposures and have the right protections in place; PortCo Protect provides that.”

As a unified force, PortCo Protect brings a variety of perspectives and comprehensive experience in risk management and insurance underwriting to meet the unique cybersecurity needs faced by the financial services industry.

“We are very excited to partner with Alliant and bring our collective expertise to our clients. Today, it is not a matter of if, but when a company will find themselves a victim of a cybersecurity breach,” said Chad Neale, Partner, ACA Aponix.

“PortCo Protect has been designed to take advantage of our firms’ synergies to elevate the cybersecurity defenses for our clients, and through those efforts, provide them access to more comprehensive cybersecurity insurance coverage.”

PortCo Protect provides private equity firms with a compressive solution addressing all aspects of cybersecurity risk management. The program provides cybersecurity maturity assessment and risk scoring, access to top cybersecurity insurers, a simplified underwriting process, portfolio group pricing, and potential premium credit towards assessment.

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