Patriot One’s Xtract AI to work with Public Works and Government Services Canada

Patriot One Technologies wholly-owned subsidiary Xtract Technologies (Xtract AI) is pleased to announce it has secured a $157,000 contract with Canada’s Department of National Defence through the Public Works and Government Services Canada Division, as part of the Innovative Solutions Canada Program (ISC).

The contract is for a project looking to provide better situational awareness for Canadian firefighters. The outcome will be a solution that will provide innovative devices, applications, personal protective equipment and technology to help firefighters work in a more Head Up Hands Free (HU/HF) mode of operation on the fire ground.

Using Xtract AI’s expertise in artificial intelligence for video and data analysis the project will aim to:

  • integrate multiple sensors and biometric data feeds to assess the health, status and safety of firefighters in the field
  • detect objects and people in smoke, and predict flow path and flashover using thermal and video imaging feeds in real time
  • feed appropriate and necessary data back to incident commanders and firefighters in the field through a combination of dashboards, heads up displays, and haptic and audio feedback to increase efficiencies and remove distractions

Work will proceed in multiple phases, including the design and development of advanced machine learning models, proprietary data sets and integration with advanced visualization solutions.

“We’re tremendously excited to be working on this project and thank the Innovative Solutions Canada Program (ISC) for selecting us,” expresses Martin Cronin, CEO of Patriot One.

“Xtract AI’s knowledge of artificial intelligence, and data and video analysis are an ideal match for this challenge, and we relish the opportunity to put these into a solution that will assist Canadian firefighters in being better informed, more efficient and, ultimately, safer.”

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