Netography launches two new data collection agents to enhance security and data privacy capabilities

Security platform provider Netography announced advanced security and enhanced data privacy capabilities with the release of two new powerful data collection agents. These agents significantly expand network visibility, enable pinpointed data access, and reduce mean time to resolution across an organization’s entire network.

Netography recognizes that every enterprise network is unique, and security professionals face complex data collection challenges. Netography’s new innovative agents now allow access to terminal access points (TAPs), and port mirroring data, enabling more comprehensive visibility across an enterprise network.

They also increase security by supporting the use of encrypted data, and enhance privacy with data filtering.

“Netography is helping security teams improve their security posture and save time by making meaningful data collection easier and more secure,” says Barrett Lyon, CEO of Netography.

“There is elegance in how we developed the new agents, by deploying a single binary that works on multiple operating systems. Unlike other flow services, our lightweight agents pre-filter sensitive data, to both reduce the amount of unnecessary data sent, and also pinpoint with precision which data sets are sent to Netography for analysis, enabling customers’ data privacy and flexibility on our platform.”

The first new agent, NetoFlow, adds an encryption layer to a multitude of flow types and provides the ability to filter out sensitive information before being relayed over HTTPS to Netography’s cloud-hosted platform. The second agent, NetoTap, focuses on a direct interface tap that converts full packet capture into Netography’s own HTTPS-based flow.

NetoTap can dial-up and down traffic data fidelity while balancing the data reduction that makes flow useful. Combined, these two agents securely send the necessary network data to Netography’s cloud-hosted platform for real-time threat analysis, detection, and security remediation of incidents.

Organizations can gain a deep understanding of what is happening on their networks, to troubleshoot and protect against threats in real-time.

Unlike other box-based or virtual appliances, Netography taps are deployed in a highly scalable format that can run on bare metal, virtual machines (VMs), or containers.

Organizations can secure native flow data over the internet and allow flow to be collected and redirected to both internal and external collectors, enabling organizations to leverage the same data they are already collecting and using internally.

Security operation center (SOC) and network operation center (NOC) teams can leverage Netography through a single pane of glass across all assets.

Both NetoFlow and NetoTap are available at no cost to Netography customers as part of the Netography Platform.

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