YouAttest’s cloud-based tool automates reporting and auditing services for Okta’s Identity Cloud

YouAttest, an innovator in the Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) market, announced the general availability of YouAttest’s Identity Compliance Solution (ICS), the first cloud-based tool which automates reporting and auditing services for Okta‘s Identity Cloud.

YouAttest has joined the Okta Integration Network (OIN) and its ICS products have completed certification with the Okta SSO and security methodology. This solution automates and accelerates verification of security roles and permissions, used by organizations for a wide range of regulatory and compliance requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HITRUST, HIPAA, GDPR, PCI.

YouAttest’s Identity Compliance Solution is now generally available and is being used by public Fortune 500 teams to automate and optimize their identity audit, verification and management requirements.

The YouAttest Identity Compliance Solution delivers cloud-based identity access verification reporting solutions that eliminates manual processes used today for identity governance.

YouAttest’s ICS automates validation of user roles and permissions to reduce the cycle time for identity audits from weeks to hours and substantially improves the accuracy of identity access certification campaigns over manual processes.

IT managers are now able to easily manage access audit demands for new, current, and departing employees and contractors. YouAttest provides easy-to-read dashboards and streamlines the entire identity governance process.

Concurrent with the general availability of the YouAttest Identity Compliance Solution, the company announced Garret Grajek has joined the company as CEO and President.

Grajek, a proven industry innovator and entrepreneur who holds 13 security-focused patents, has taken companies such as SecureAuth from start-up to market leadership. His proven experience in the IG&A market will enable YouAttest to drive customer acquisition and strategically expand the product portfolio.

“I am thrilled to join YouAttest at this pivotal time in the growth of the company. Helping support our customer base, securing a new round of funding, and working our partnership with OKTA is a great way to start,” said Grajek, President and CEO. “My primary focus is on our new partnership with Okta, expanding our product offering, and capturing new customers.”

Mr. Grajek led the $700K seed funding round for YouAttest that will help expand the development capabilities of the company and expand the partnership with Okta.

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