Nyxeia helps you manage assets and data privacy protection requirements

Nyxeia announced new releases of its Information Governance Suite products. These releases include major updates to the .discover and .policy products used for information search, enhancement, and full lifecycle governance.

Nyxeia Information Governance Suite

Also included is a new product called .preserve for digital asset preservation, legal hold, and defensible disposition.

These important updates keep the product suite at the forefront of Information Governance innovation and help customers better manage both the growing volume of information assets and the more stringent data privacy protection requirements inherent in the age of GDPR and CCPA.

Some of the benefits associated with these releases include:

  • More powerful search and governance features through enhanced metadata management that normalizes attributes between the Information Governance Suite and the information systems with which it integrates.
  • Enhanced automation through query-based job scheduling that provides categorization and policy assignment based on easy to use search parameters.
  • More secure identity and access management thanks to integration with Keycloak, a leading solution for Single Sign-On (SSO) that leverages the customer’s existing LDAP and Active Directory infrastructure.
  • Support for hierarchical retention policies to allow organizations to more accurately model the multiple, concurrent obligations associated with jurisdictional or departmental requirements.
  • Integrated asset preservation, legal hold, and defensible disposition capabilities that are fully informed by the organization’s retention policies. The new .preserve product allows records, legal, and compliance teams to manage asset preservation activities from within the same user interface used for asset discovery, categorization, enhancement, and policy governance.

Nyxeia’s CEO JD Sillion noted that “Customers today expect even greater value and return on investment for their InfoGov initiatives. These releases bring strong capabilities that benefit records, IT, legal, and operations teams and transform the way organizations harness their information assets.”

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