Automox and DDC offer automated endpoint hardening platform to 2020 election campaigns

Automox, the cloud-native endpoint hardening platform provider, announced it will offer its automated endpoint hardening platform at discounted cost to 2020 presidential and congressional campaigns in partnership with Defending Digital Campaigns (DDC).

Defending Digital Campaigns is a non-partisan organization that provides low- and no-cost security products and services to federal campaigns to help defend them from cyberattacks and election interference.

Through the partnership, Automox is offering its cloud-native cyber hygiene platform to political campaigns to provide access to holistic endpoint hardening that automates the enforcement of critical patches, software updates, security configurations and more.

Automox’s cloud-native architecture enables political campaigns to quickly and easily deploy patching and endpoint hardening policies across all campaign endpoints without the overhead of having to manage and secure additional infrastructure.

Patching and hardening campaign endpoints provides a layer of protection against potential election hacking to keep campaign data more secure.

“Attackers can weaponize new vulnerabilities within seven days, allowing them to gain access to sensitive information and potentially monetize their attacks. When you couple this with the fact that campaigns are now more reliant on digital technologies than ever, endpoint hardening has never been more crucial to ensure critical political assets remain secure,” said Jay Prassl, Founder & CEO of Automox.

“We are proud to partner with the DDC to empower campaigns to overcome the cost and technology barriers to proper security and, ultimately, ensure holistic endpoint protection is deployed across all digital assets.”

The DDC aims to make the political process more secure by providing political parties and campaigns with access to the knowledge, products, and services to defend themselves against advanced cyber threats and attacks.

“Improving cybersecurity defenses of political campaigns is one of the most important things we can do to protect our country,” said Michael Kaiser, President and CEO, Defending Digital Campaigns.

“Our goal with Defending Digital Campaigns is to team up with companies that can make an impact in securing our elections, and we are proud to partner with Automox to make automated endpoint hardening widely available.”

Automox helps organizations improve cyber resiliency through the foundational hardening of endpoints by automating critical cyber hygiene practices, such as software patches and updates, as well as enforcing security configurations and custom scripting across any endpoint environment.

Built on an open, extensible architecture, Automox’s cloud-native platform enables IT and security teams to reduce their exploitable attack surface by automatically eliminating the systemic exposures that adversaries leverage most.

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