Accela unveils migration program to help state and local govts seamlessly move to the cloud

Accela announced a new program designed to help state and local governments move from on-premise systems to the cloud as seamlessly as possible with rapid migration, minimal operational impact, and a configurable platform.

As governments tirelessly work to respond to their communities’ urgent needs while maintaining safety and economic stability in light of the current pandemic, this new packaged solution program provides a cost-effective framework for agencies of all sizes to keep operations moving forward during this unprecedented period.

Over the past 20 years, Accela has built deep expertise in helping hundreds of governments streamline essential processes to keep cities, counties, and states thriving. The company is now facilitating their transition to its flexible, purpose-built SaaS solutions powered by Microsoft Azure.

Over 300 of Accela’s total customers and 38 percent of its Civic Platform customers now leverage its software in the cloud, many citing it as critical for navigating through the pandemic.

“Accela’s new SaaS migration program accelerates agencies’ ability to transcend traditional IT systems and realize the potential of the cloud’s efficiency, scalability, and resiliency. By moving services to the cloud, governments can modernize their operations, uplevel service delivery and redefine citizen engagement, rather than spend time maintaining servers, networks, and virtual machines,” said Renato Mascardo, Chief Technology Officer at Accela.

“We have heard from government IT and business leaders alike about the need for digital tools to respond to fast-changing, mission-critical demands, and we are laser-focused on creating user-centered technology solutions to help our customers put the needs of their communities first during these challenging times. The trend toward cloud adoption has never been stronger.”

State and local government agencies are increasingly turning to cloud technology with an eye to adapting to the “new normal:” to build more resilient cities and states amid uncertainty now and in the future, increase agility and efficiency of operations to respond better to crises, and reduce cost amid widespread budget cuts due to loss of revenue during shelter in place guidelines.

Even prior to the pandemic, the global public cloud services market was expected to grow 17% in 2020 according to Gartner, underscoring the shift towards cloud solutions to help agencies navigate modern governance.

Accela’s SaaS migration program makes it faster, simpler, and more affordable than ever for government agencies to take the leap to the cloud. Software and implementation services are now bundled together in three tiers of packages ranging from low to high complexity to help make product evaluation and procurement processes more streamlined for governments and increase the adoption of cloud technology.

By enrolling in the program, Accela customers will receive a comprehensive assessment that can be completed in approximately one hour to determine the project scope, and learn their optimized pricing to meet their unique needs.

Accela’s open, flexible, and secure cloud solutions hosted on Microsoft Azure offer agencies a wide variety of benefits by centrally hosting and maintaining all infrastructure and application software. These include increased agility to adapt to the shifting civic landscape, radically decreased deployment time, financial predictability, and more.

Successfully migrated agencies have a greater opportunity to focus on citizen needs, as they no longer have to allocate as much focus and resources on maintaining data centers.

The announcement builds upon Accela’s commitment to delivering modern digital tools to help build thriving communities, now and in the future. More than 80 percent of Accela’s new customers purchased solutions in the cloud, and 66 percent of all Accela customers are now in the cloud.

Through technology collaborations with Microsoft and Esri, Accela’s software enables governments to leverage spatial data and cloud analytics to better inform crucial and timely decisions.

Recently, Accela launched its cloud-based COVID-19 Response Solutions to help cities and states respond to the biggest challenges of the current pandemic. These solutions are additions to Accela’s pre-existing Civic Solutions that empower local and state governments to adopt cloud technology to accelerate efficiency and spur community development.

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