Simplify AWS user and permission management with jmpr

EGlobalTech, A Tetra Tech Company, announced the launch of “jmpr,” a new software product which considerably simplifies Amazon Web Services (AWS) user and permission management. One of the first products of its kind on the market, jmpr is designed to help:

  • AWS developers who have multiple accounts with different permissions, requiring repeated separate logins per day to complete required tasks
  • AWS administrators who manage large numbers of users with a high rate of user and permission changes.

jmpr solves these challenges by enabling AWS users to login once and then “jump” between accounts easily, while providing administrators with the ability to seamlessly manage thousands of user accounts and permissions through an elegant and intuitive user interface.

The benefits of using jmpr include:

  • The ability to jump between accounts in only 2 steps (vs. the standard 10 steps)
  • 44% to 88% annual staff cost savings over manual operations
  • The ability to apply access security easily and rapidly across managed users
  • Reduced administrative burden and knowledge needed to administer accounts
  • Reduced training burden for AWS administrators
  • Faster response to issues through faster account access
  • Better segregation of projects

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