Guide: How to assess your email vulnerability for free in 20 minutes

This guide is no longer available.

Attacks delivered via email are extremely common and the fact is that many popular security solutions are just not handling these attacks well enough, missing 20-40% of the new attacks emerging every day. What makes this issue even more urgent is that attacks are constantly evolving and evading security solutions. It’s therefore critical to constantly assess your security posture.

assess your email vulnerability for free

Assessing your email vulnerability is a critical step in evaluating your overall security posture. With the correct tools, you can do it yourself, for free, in only 20 minutes.

Download this guide to learn how to do it yourself using 3 free email security assessment tools.

The guide includes step-by-step instructions and helpful screenshots. In the end of it, you will be able to assess your organization’s email security posture yourself.

The free tools that BitDam offers, namely BitDam Lucky Meter, Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS), and BitDam Malware Feed, show how your email security functions against real-world threats, giving you the most accurate picture of your risk profile when it comes to your email function.

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