Codefresh raises $27M to invest into open source, continuous delivery, and more

Codefresh announced $27M in new funding led by Red Dot Capital Partners with participation from Shasta Ventures and existing investors.

Total funding for Codefresh has now more than doubled to $42M. Codefresh CEO Raziel Tabib shared details of how this new round of funding will be used to make “big investments into open source, continuous delivery, and more”.

Codefresh launched as the first continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) platform for Kubernetes and has grown dramatically with adoption from DevOps teams at Epic Games, Gap, Vivint, TBS, and many others.

Yaniv Stern, Managing Partner at Red Dot Capital Partners will join the Codefresh board of directors and Isaac Roth, partner at Shasta Ventures will join the advisory board. Roth previously led the creation and growth of Red Hat’s incredibly successful Kubernetes platform: OpenShift.

“Codefresh is light years ahead of other CI/CD platforms on Kubernetes. Their deep integrations into Kubernetes, git/cloud-agnostic architecture, and user experience are making Codefresh the default CI/CD for Kubernetes. This is especially true in an industry that has been dominated for years by complex and outdated tooling,” said Roth.

Kubernetes is quickly becoming the de facto way to run cloud-native applications. Codefresh serves as a key DevOps tool that both accelerates and simplifies Kubernetes adoption and helps teams get the most out of these cloud-native technologies.

“Demand for a modern DevOps platform that helps engineering teams adopt and optimize workflows for Kubernetes is very high,” said Raziel Tabib, CEO of Codefresh.

“Our continuous integration and delivery platform accelerates our customer’s migration to Kubernetes, eliminates the cost of maintaining legacy tool chains and leverages cloud-native technology practices to speed up software delivery.”

Gigaom recently named Codefresh a leader in their CI/CD Radar Report with VP of Research Jon Collins citing Codefresh’s unique container-based architecture as a key advantage. He commented, “Codefresh offers an end-to-end pipeline capability. It is Kubernetes-native, applying container-based principles to the actions of CI/CD.”

This container-based approach enables Codefresh to be both git- and cloud-agnostic. In a time when git and cloud providers are trying to expand their footprint in CI/CD, Codefresh’s agnostic approach means their platform works well in any organization and allows each team to pick the best tools for their needs.

This funding round includes investment from Red Dot Capital Partners, Shasta Ventures, Vertex Ventures, M12: Microsoft’s Venture Fund, Viola Ventures, Hillsven, and CEIIF.

Even in uncertain market conditions, Codefresh continues to grow. DevOps and CI/CD are only becoming more critical as teams look to automation to drive efficiency and to platforms like Codefresh that can provide visibility to distributed teams. This new C-round of funding will allow Codefresh to accelerate growth and push their competitive advantages further.

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