Zettaset’s encryption solutions now available on VMware Cloud Marketplace

Zettaset announced the availability of its encryption solutions on VMware Cloud Marketplace. Zettaset XCrypt Kubernetes & Container Encryption and XCrypt Virtual Key Manager and Data Encryption Solutions are now accessible for VMware customers deploying Kubernetes and container environments running on vSphere.

VMware Cloud Marketplace enables customers to discover and deploy validated, third-party solutions for VMware-based platforms – across public, private and hybrid cloud environments. Once validated, partners can easily publish their solutions for VMware customers across platforms.

Customers will be able to access these third-party partner solutions directly from their cloud environments, while also being able to experience the convenience of features such as notifications, reporting, and analytics.

Zettaset’s software-defined data encryption and enterprise key management solutions secure business critical data within cloud environments, without impacting performance.

Due to its software-defined approach, Zettaset’s encryption solutions allow organizations to tap into the power of emerging environments without worrying about the security of their data or slowing down their business velocity.

In addition, software-defined encryption is more cost effective and less disruptive than more traditional appliance-based products, helping organizations operate at higher efficiencies and ultimately better secure their critical business assets.

“The DevOps to DevSecOps shift is upon us. Enterprise organizations will continue to adopt cloud-native technologies such as Kubernetes and containers in order to accelerate digital transformation initiatives,” said Tim Reilly, CEO, Zettaset.

“In turn, these new virtual environments have expanded the attack surface and created new vectors for cybercriminals to target. For VMware customers running vSphere, Zettaset’s suite of encryption solutions seamlessly supports encryption for Kubernetes and containers to best secure these emerging environments.”

“We are pleased to welcome Zettaset’s XCrypt Kubernetes & Container Encryption and XCrypt Virtual Key Manager and Data Encryption Solutions to the VMware Cloud Marketplace,” said Ramya Sarangarajan, Director within VMware’s Cloud Services group.

“Validated technologies, such as the software-defined encryption solutions from Zettaset, enable our customers to build, run and manage their applications effectively and efficiently. We’re excited to work with partners such as Zettaset to empower customers to derive the most value from their technology investments.”

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