HYAS joins ThreatConnect Developer Partner Program and delivers solution

HYAS announces the availability of its integration into the ThreatConnect Platform in conjunction with joining the ThreatConnect Developer Partner Program.

As a member of the Developer Partner Program, HYAS now has the ability to leverage ThreatConnect’s intelligence, automation, orchestration, and analytics with the goal of helping bring new, joint solutions to market that best service customers and help protect them from cyber threats.

HYAS Insight, a threat intelligence and attribution solution, improves visibility and productivity for analysts, researchers and investigators while vastly increasing the accuracy of their findings.

With this integration, users can connect specific attack instances and campaigns to billions of historical and real-time indicators of compromise faster than ever before, boosting efficiency and enabling users to investigate incidents more quickly.

“Enterprises struggle to locate and counter advanced cyberthreats and face the continuous challenge of defending against attacks that can cost millions in financial, brand, operational, and regulatory losses,” said David Ratner, CEO of HYAS.

“The integration of HYAS Insight with ThreatConnect delivers unique threat intelligence and attribution capabilities. The HYAS-ThreatConnect combination enables enterprises to rapidly identify the actors behind these attacks, map their infrastructure, and take proactive action to avert future attacks.“

“The goal at ThreatConnect has always been to enable security teams to make smarter, faster decisions”, said Andy Pendergast, VP of Product of ThreatConnect.

“For that reason, we are excited for HYAS to join the ThreatConnect Developer Partner Program. This partnership will enable us to develop strong operational use cases. Together, we can make a positive impact for our customers and users.”

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