Airgain unveils extended portfolio of 5G OMNIMAX Dipole series antennas for M2M and IoT apps

Airgain announced the release of its OMNIMAX Next Dipole antennas, the latest addition to Airgain’s 5G product portfolio designed to deliver ultra-wideband connectivity for 5G NR sub-6GHz IoT and M2M applications.

The OMNIMAX Next Dipole series includes 5G NR sub-6GHz products for low profile and shock resistant outdoor applications, including “salt shaker” style antennas, indoor dipole “paddle” antennas, and outdoor “candlestick” dipole antennas.

Each product is designed to blend into the environment, with flexible mounting options while providing ultra-wideband connectivity for virtually any indoor or outdoor cellular module, modem, or gateway. The 5G ready OMNIMAX Next Dipole series provides future-proof performance, with backward compatibility from 5G to 4G and 3G global frequency bands.

“Supporting sub-6GHz 5G, particularly the lower bands approaching 600MHz, is challenging for the form factors of these products,” said Kevin Thill, Airgain’s Senior Vice President of Engineering.

“These antennas achieve excellent broadband performance without compromising the form factor, while outperforming competing solutions that we have seen in the market today. These antennas feature a unique and patent pending Coplanar Waveguide feed, which is key to enabling the ultra-wideband performance in the given form factors.

“We are excited to offer the expansion of our product portfolio of 5G ready antennas designed to accommodate wider bandwidth requirements demanded by 5G. The OMNIMAX Next Dipole series provides a cost-effective solution while delivering dependable quality.”

Building on Airgain’s antenna design expertise of CENTURION Next, the industry’s first 9-in-1 5G and Wi-Fi 6 fleet antenna, the OMNIMAX Next Dipole series includes 617 MHz to 6 GHz wideband cellular 5G support. OMNIMAX Indoor Dipole Next, OMNIMAX Outdoor Dipole Next, and M2M SN Next are available through our trusted channel partners or direct at 1-855-AIRGAIN.

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