IDShield expands suite of product offerings to include proactive reputation management

IDShield announced that it has expanded its suite of product offerings to include proactive reputation management. This feature allows consumers to quickly find and review old social media accounts, delete potentially offensive online content and, ultimately, safeguard their personal reputations.

To support its new reputation management solution, IDShield is partnering with, a technology solutions provider based in Austin, Texas focused on helping consumers manage their privacy and online content.

“Consumers are right to be concerned about hackers and identity theft but they forget that the most lasting and damaging impact to personal reputation is committed by their own hand,” said Benjamin Stotts, Vice President of Product Technologies at IDShield.

“Every day you can read a story about someone losing a job or having a college acceptance rescinded due to an unthinking and harmful tweet or picture posted. Social media feels like an informal conversation but it’s not and can have life shattering consequences.

“Working together, we can begin to help consumers take control of their online lives, clean up their social media past, and, over time, build a reputation to be proud of.”

Consumers are living more and more of their daily lives online between surfing, streaming, socializing, shopping and much more. However, with each activity, they are creating a digital footprint that can be compromised, making themselves more vulnerable to having their identity stolen, privacy invaded, or reputation ruined.

With this in mind, IDShield wants to help its members take control of their lives by helping them become “proactivists,” people who are proactively protecting their private data, identity and reputation.

IDShield’s new reputation management solution will initially allow consumers to clean up 14 major networks, including Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Amazon, YouTube, Been Verified, Flickr, Hi-5, Instant Checkmate, Archives and Features and benefits include helping to:

  • Find old accounts/social media profiles
  • Provide easy step-by-step resolution walkthroughs, to change privacy settings, delete accounts and/or download your data
  • Produce an automated review of a member’s social media activity to flag content which could be potentially damaging to their reputation, saving time compared to manually reviewing years of content
  • Delete old content in bulk on Twitter vs. deleting manually
  • Create a score and summary of risk items, a clear list to act on and review

In the social media review, IDShield scans members’ photos and posts to flag comments or pictures that might appear to others as insensitive or inappropriate, for example, those involving nudity, violence, drugs, swearing or toxic comments.

On a dashboard, a consumer then receives a score based on a variety of high and medium-risk factors, as well as corresponding actions to take to clean up.

IDShield provides identity theft, privacy and reputation management, as well as monitoring, consulting and restoration services. IDShield is the only identity theft protection company armed with a team of Licensed Private Investigators to restore a member’s identity.

Recently, U.S. News & World Report’s 360 Reviews ranked IDShield among the Best Identity Theft Protection Companies of 2020. Additionally, the product is a recipient of the 2020 Cybersecurity Excellence Award for ID Theft Resolution Service – Gold Winner.

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