Entisys360 launches Advyz Cyber Risk Services to help clients manage cyber risk

Entisys360 announced the launch of Advyz Cyber Risk Services.

“Advyz Cyber Risk Services was established to guide and support our valued clients on their security journey,” said Mike Strohl, CEO, Entisys360.

“Our knowledgeable and experienced team is committed to providing the cybersecurity consulting services and technologies to help clients protect their data, applications and infrastructure from data breaches or other cybersecurity incidents.

“Averaging nearly 20 years of cybersecurity and risk management experience, our team is led by a group of senior consultants, many of whom are former chief information security officers, and hold numerous cybersecurity and privacy certifications.”

Adam Bolio, Executive Vice President, Advyz Cyber Risk Services Division, added, “Our guiding principle is putting clients’ needs first. We understand that with ever-emerging threats, continuous introduction of new regulations and a sea of products and solutions, managing a cybersecurity program can be daunting.

“As a consulting-focused services organization, we serve as a trusted advisor in the development of actionable strategies and operational capabilities for managing risk and compliance.”

Helping clients make the most of their cybersecurity investments

Advyz understands that programs consist of people, process and technology. The division focuses on helping clients drive outcomes through building capabilities from the ground up, as technology investments are maximized when the process is defined, and the people understand their roles.

Teaming with leading security providers, Advyz provides access to a broad range of services that are tailored through our understanding of the nuances of different industries, including healthcare, technology, financial services, state government and education. We align our portfolio as follows:

  • Strategy and risk management. Helps organizations align cyber security programs to their business objectives, while guiding investments to pertinent risk and compliance requirements.
  • Attack surface management. Focuses on establishing and testing risk-aligned controls in both networks and applications, whether they reside in the traditional network or extend into the cloud.
  • Detection and response. Helps organizations build detection and response capabilities that leverage intelligence to guide analysis and technology focus.
  • Identity. Because businesses and workforces must remain flexible and resilient as the work environment continues to evolve, this service enables secure access to essential resources from anywhere.
  • Privacy. Helps organizations align their privacy programs with existing and emerging regulations, and helps businesses enable privacy by design.
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