CloudBolt Software OneFuse helps enterprise IT drive deeper, more feature-rich platform integrations

CloudBolt Software announced the release of OneFuse, a first-of-its-kind codeless integration platform for automating, extending, and integrating hybrid cloud technologies.

Borne from the company’s acquisition of SovLabs, OneFuse helps enterprise IT drive deeper, more feature-rich integrations for platforms including VMware vRealize Automation and HashiCorp Terraform–without the high cost and complexity of custom coding—while improving governance and security posture from policy-based centralization.

According to 451 Research, enterprises are aggressively adopting hybrid cloud for digital transformation. As a result, investment in automation tools like cloud management platforms, infrastructure-as-code, Kubernetes, and homegrown scripts continue to rise.

However, the automation needed to maximize hybrid cloud often requires significant custom coding, which is both expensive (52% of custom coded projects cost 189% of their original estimate) and time-consuming (organizations cancel 19% of their custom software projects), according to the Standish Group.

In addition, governance and security become increasing concerns as the proliferation of tools and processes prevents IT from having a unified view of integration policies, automation playbooks, and role-based access.

OneFuse replaces the need for organizations to write custom code in order to connect their automation tools with underlying IT technologies such as IPAM, DNS, networking and security, or cloud backup systems. This not only means that organizations can quickly get more out of their hybrid cloud infrastructure, but it also ensures that they have governance guardrails in place and are future-ready as they invest in new automation tooling.

“Custom coding is expensive and time-consuming. It also complicates governance and makes organizations less agile,” said Jeff Kukowski, chief executive officer of CloudBolt Software.

“These problems will only intensify as enterprises invest in tools like vRealize Automation, Terraform, and Kubernetes. That’s where OneFuse comes in. OneFuse helps those tools deliver on the promise of automation—quickly, securely, and cost-effectively—while allowing IT to pursue a best-of-breed tools approach for hybrid cloud.”

Kukowski continued, “In particular, we’re excited about the potential that OneFuse has for vRealize customers. As the thousands of vRealize Automation 7.x customers migrate to vRealize Automation 8 over the next couple years, OneFuse will help to simplify their migrations and ensure that when customers do land on 8—or invest in tools like Terraform—they will be able to maximize the potential of those automation tools through the powerful, codeless integration solutions we gained from our SovLabs acquisition.”

“The vRealize Automation base, which includes hundreds of federal accounts along with state, local and education customers, are potentially facing a significant re-platforming and re-coding efforts as they migrate from vRealize Automation 7 to 8,” said David Blankenhorn, chief technology officer, DLT Solutions, a Tech Data company.

“We look forward to supplying our customers and partners with OneFuse, so federal and SLED organizations can more easily make the transition using OneFuse’s software-defined, policy-based approach.”

The release of OneFuse also solidifies CloudBolt’s position as a visionary in the rapidly growing cloud management platform (CMP) space. Enterprises today must enable IT teams to use their preferred tools while maintaining standardization through a robust integration layer.

In this multi-tool world, CloudBolt believes that cloud management platforms need to be built around extensibility. This involves making integration a core capability, not an expensive afterthought.

“The cloud management platform landscape is changing. In addition to focusing on capabilities like automation and orchestration, governance, and cost, we firmly believe that integration and extensibility must be part of the enterprise consideration set,” said Grant Ho, chief marketing officer of CloudBolt Software.

“Most CMPs ignore the integration challenges inherent to cloud management, which limits the full automation promise that enterprises expect from these tools. In OneFuse, which we are integrating with our CloudBolt CMP, CloudBolt has chosen to blaze a new trail for cloud management by releasing a solution to tackle integration challenges head-on.”

OneFuse comes with the following key capabilities to help enterprises dramatically reduce custom code and improve governance as they adopt vRealize Automation, Terraform, and other automation tools.

  • Centralized policy management and visibility – Through OneFuse’s single, web-based console, IT teams have one place to build and view policies that are provisioning integrated cloud resources, enabling better control over infrastructure governance and compliance.
  • Modular, configuration-based automation – Through OneFuse’s dynamic templating technology, enterprises can rapidly build integrations (e.g., for IT technologies like IPAM, DNS, networking and security, etc.) into API-consumable policies for easy sharing across various IT teams and cloud environments.
  • Role-based access control – With OneFuse, enterprises can easily limit who can create and execute policies while securely segmenting, managing, and sharing policies within and across departments / groups for improved security posture.
  • Easy consumption from automation tools – Designed to complement automation tools, orchestrators, and scripts, OneFuse makes it extremely easy for upstream automation tools to consume downstream integration policies through supported plug-ins, providers and API.
  • Portability between vendors – OneFuse helps avoid vendor lock-in by allowing users to easily redirect policies to new vendor systems without having to re-write scripts and custom developed integrations.

OneFuse is now generally available with naming services support for vRealize Automation 7.6, vRealize Automation 8.1, and HashiCorp Terraform.

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