Immersive Labs Cyber Crisis Simulator: Better-drilled crisis response across orgs of all sizes

Immersive Labs announced an industry-first solution to create better-drilled crisis response across institutions of all sizes. Cyber Crisis Simulator will allow people to virtually test their organization’s reactions to the latest real-world attacks and is designed to be relevant to everyone from legal and communications teams, to cybersecurity specialists.

While cyber incidents may be played out on technological platforms, the effectiveness of the human response dictates their impact on company value. Immersive Labs’ new Cyber Crisis Simulator aims to improve this human element.

True to the company’s underlying platform, the product drops decision-makers into a range of real-life scenarios and asks them to make crucial decisions along the way. Choices such as whether to pay the ransom in a ransomware attack or when to inform the regulator, all impact the team’s overall exercise score and simulated company share price and reputation.

“The success of an organization’s cyber crisis response is predicated on being well-prepared. As we have seen, it can be the difference between successfully addressing an issue and a share price collapse,” said James Hadley, CEO of Immersive Labs.

“Coupled with the pace of the threat landscape, this means regular training for a broad range of stakeholders outside of just technical and security teams is important. This is exactly what Cyber Crisis Simulator has been designed for.”

Until now, this type of in-depth, crisis simulation training was only available via costly, time-consuming table-top exercises. With the Cyber Crisis Simulator, this can be delivered through a browser, allowing senior management a resource that will consistently improve and measure cyber awareness.


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