Tanium unveils Tanium as a Service to help manage and secure devices in a remote work world

Tanium announced Tanium as a Service, a zero infrastructure endpoint management and security platform. Tanium as a Service optimizes Tanium’s patented architecture to quickly and efficiently manage and secure devices in a remote work world.

The Tanium agent brings intelligence to each endpoint for instant visibility and unparalleled context, enabling IT operations and security teams to act quickly to efficiently manage and secure the environment anywhere endpoints exist.

According to forthcoming survey research from Tanium, businesses are struggling to manage and secure endpoints spread across a remote workforce. Even as cyber attacks increase, frontline defenses like patch management are slipping due to process and management gaps.

“Most endpoint management solutions are designed for office environments, expecting devices to leave the network for occasional travel or work from home. In other words, the world the way it was,” said Ralph Loura, CIO at Lumentum.

“Tanium as a Service is designed for remote work environments, expecting some devices to return to the office only occasionally. In other words, the world the way it is. This innovation and commitment to adapting to business needs is why I’m a three-time Tanium customer.”

Tanium as a Service provides enterprise-grade visibility and control across complex distributed environments for both IT operations and security.

With its cloud-hosted and cloud-delivered model, built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), customers can perform important IT operations, risk, and security tasks with zero infrastructure and zero overhead, regardless of the number or geographic location of endpoints, or the amount of data being collected.

AWS’s highly secure and scalable global infrastructure helps enable Tanium to securely and instantly address dynamic peaks in customer demand.

Tanium is powered by the Intelligent Edge, a uniquely-Tanium approach that delivers intelligence to endpoints, increasing data quality and delivery speed. This ensures organizations and government agencies can secure and manage endpoints everywhere at speed and scale, without the need to deploy additional agents or infrastructure.

  • Endpoint intelligence teaches devices to provide information or ask for updates only when a management issue or security incident arises. This approach optimizes how data is retrieved from and delivered to endpoints, increasing speed and efficiency and reducing management and infrastructure overhead associated with unnecessary data movement.
  • Threat detection and response leverages endpoint intelligence to provide real-time visibility into and detection of compromise and post-compromise activity at the endpoint. Automated response helps organizations decrease the impact of malicious cyber activity and recover quickly.
  • Proactive endpoint management quickly identifies unpatched desktops and servers on both modern and legacy operating systems and provides remediation for vulnerabilities without overburdening networks or relying on expensive infrastructure.

“As enterprises adapt to the work-from-anywhere world, they deeply need platforms that allow them to manage massive, distributed, complex, and changing environments with ease,” said Orion Hindawi, co-founder and co-CEO of Tanium.

“Tanium has always provided an unparalleled platform for large enterprise endpoint management, focused on the largest companies in the world. With our Tanium as a Service offering, we are opening our platform up to many more customers and lowering the barrier to entry, giving many more enterprises the power that Tanium can uniquely provide to control this new IT landscape.”

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