IDmission announces a 2FA upgrade path for access points

IDmission announced its Identity Management System (IDMS) to reduce unauthorized access to large multi-tenant facility access points.

With IDMS, large organizations can significantly control physical and logical access points throughout the enterprise. The upgrade solution provides the ability to augment existing systems for two factor authentication with biometric technology or totally replace outdated key card & PIN systems. The IDMS solution does not require additional investment in access hardware.

IDMS provides a multipoint improvement in access systems including quick employee onboarding and tracking with biometrics, highly secure access, Identity management, and reporting.

“As biometric technology continues to grow as a reliable authentication medium, there is a growing urgency for fast, reliable, and more secure verification of employees accessing secure locations and systems,” said IDmission CEO Ashim Banerjee. “We have engineered a secure end-to-end solution that is easy to implement and does not require replacing your entire infrastructure.”

An ideal security solution for airports, ammunition dumps, government facilities, hospitals, nuclear plants and powerplants, oil refineries, security firms, the armed forces, and any large company that uses key card access/badges, IDMS prevents illicit transfer of access key cards, PINS, and passwords to unauthorized employees and contractors for both physical and logical access points such PCs and other systems.

IDmission combines standards compliant security with passive liveness detection. Invisible by design, it applies biometric science to create security that does not get in the way of doing business.

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