Baffle integrates with Tableau Software to protect data analytics pipeline

Baffle announced a strategic partnership with Tableau Software, the leading analytics platform, launching a new integration to help customers further protect sensitive data as it is shared among third parties in the data analytics pipeline.

Available today, Baffle’s integration with Tableau features full interoperability with no code changes, allowing for privacy preserving analytics of data as it is created, processed and analyzed.

As enterprises collect, store and share data with an increasing number of third-party analytics tools, they face increasing cybersecurity and compliance concerns. Baffle’s Advanced Data Protection immediately encrypts data in databases and datastores, so that organizations can safely utilize data analytics solutions. Tableau joins other Baffle technology partners, including Amazon, Microsoft, Gemalto and HashiCorp.

“Enterprises require a simple solution to protect the modern data analytics pipeline,” said Ameesh Divatia, CEO and co-founder, Baffle. “By encrypting data as soon as it is created and then shared with analytics tools, Baffle is pioneering a solution that makes data breaches irrelevant. Unlike other solutions that only encrypt data at rest and in flight, Baffle’s solution protects data as it is being processed by databases and applications, such as Tableau.”

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