Verimatrix unveils anti-tamper tech to protect Bitcode-enabled iOS apps

Verimatrix announced new protection for Bitcode-enabled iOS applications. Publishing an app to Apple’s App Store with Bitcode enabled allows Apple to optimize the app’s code for each target device.

Developers are now able to provide anti-tamper protections for the fast-growing Bitcode iOS market. Through a new, Elastic Anti-Tamper feature, Verimatrix’s family of award-winning Application Shielding solutions now feature powerful technology that compares application actions to that of when it was first launched by the user.

The ongoing comparison identifies potentially dangerous tampering by cybercriminals and offers unmatched security for Bitcode apps and their associated data. Until now, it was a challenge to apply anti-tamper technology to Bitcode since Apple, and not the developer, creates the final form of the software in order to optimize it for each device.

“Apple’s push to expand the use of Bitcode among developers is usually unnoticed by end users, but it presents a challenge for developers wanting to apply anti-tamper technology – and we’re pleased to play an integral role in designing new anti-tamper approaches that prevent hackers from accessing sensitive data,” said Martin Bergenwall, senior vice president of products at Verimatrix. “Our Elastic Anti-Tamper technologies answer a significant need in the industry. It serves as yet another differentiator for our family of application shielding solutions that are relied upon by many of the world’s top brands. This non-stop innovation is the fuel for Verimatrix’s continual success in the software security space.”

The company also plans to provide developers additional Bitcode-related app protection tools that use a novel crowdsourcing approach to further identify bad actors. Slated for general availability in Q4 2020, the upcoming protection layer employs a consensus server that harnesses the power of the app’s entire installed base to identify tampering. It reinforces Verimatrix’s commitment to providing developers with security services that work even if the final format of code is updated or changed by Apple in the future. That will serve as yet another first in the industry.

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