Datadog has acquired Undefined Labs, a testing and observability company for developer workflows

Datadog has acquired Undefined Labs, a testing and observability company for developer workflows. This acquisition extends Datadog’s existing platform into development environments and will provide organizations with better tooling and monitoring in continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) workflows.

“In modern distributed systems, even small changes can have a big impact on applications’ performance and availability,” said Ilan Rabinovitch, Vice President, Product and Community at Datadog. “By enabling observability early in the development cycle, we can help teams optimize builds and gain visibility into key continuous integration and delivery workflows. Undefined Labs will form a solid basis for making observability a key part of every development cycle by diagnosing, catching, and avoiding performance challenges long before they hit production.”

While performance and monitoring tooling for applications running in production have been widely available for decades, there is a severe lack of visibility in the earlier parts of the software development lifecycle. As changes to an application’s code are introduced, tracing the root cause to a specific change has become increasingly complex and time-consuming.

These difficulties cause significant delays in the shipping of new software features and bug fixes. With the Datadog/Undefined Labs combination, customers will be able to identify and fix regressions before they make it to production by understanding what’s running where and how it got there.

According to Forrester Research, “Speed-to-market is an overriding concern for firms offering digital products today. Those who can manage this speed, leverage it to ‘discover’ products and services via market exploration and feedback. The faster the execution of this build-measure-learn feedback loop, the more chance the product has of achieving breakaway popularity.”

“Joining Datadog is very exciting for the Undefined Labs team,” said Borja Burgos, co-founder and CEO at Undefined Labs. “We believe that visibility into pre-production is only the beginning and the greatest value will come from our customer’s ability to correlate development and production data.”

Under the terms of the acquisition, Mr. Burgos will join Datadog as Director, Product Management and co-founder and CTO, Fernando Mayo will join Datadog as Director, Product Engineering. All other Undefined Labs employees based in Atlanta, GA and Madrid, Spain, will become Datadog employees. The Undefined Labs brand and its products will be sunsetted over the coming weeks.

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