SS8 enhanced its Intellego XT to improve metadata analysis results for law enforcement

SS8 Networks announced that it has expanded its Intellego XT product to include scalable real-time metadata analysis, advanced metadata queries, that significantly increase data processing volumes and higher processing speeds.

Used by law enforcement agencies, the “MetaHub” component of Intellego XT’s Monitoring Center, ingests and analyzes metadata from a variety of sources for investigative purposes.

Metadata is data about data. Intellego XT’s MetaHub intelligently analyzes both traditional lawful intercept metadata about phone calls, text messages and web sessions as-well-as metadata from approved external data sources.

Used to augment communication metadata, third party data enables law enforcement to analyze lawfully intercepted data side-by-side with vehicle registrations, financial records, automatic number plate readers, arrest records, etc.

Being able to combine data sources, query them simultaneously, and visualize the results on timeline and map views, helps analysts gain actionable insights for investigations.

“Data intelligence is essential for today’s law enforcement agencies,” said Dr. Keith Bhatia, CEO of SS8 Networks. “Intellego XT’s MetaHub, and its advanced ability to rapidly analyze large amounts of data from multiple sources, helps intelligence agencies around the world to do their jobs more efficiently. SS8 is leading the way in Lawful Intelligence.”

Intellego XT is a comprehensive communications and location data analysis platform designed to aid in law enforcement investigations. It provides comprehensive high-volume data analytics in real time while providing both passive and active location tracking, as-well-as detailed location visualization.

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