CBTS launches Secure Remote Collaboration solution portfolio optimized for WFH environments

CBTS announces the launch of its Secure Remote Collaboration portfolio of solutions, including video conferencing and security functionality that is optimized for work-from-home environments.

Many organizations are solidifying strategies for long-term or permanent work-from-home conditions, and want to ensure that employees have secure connections along with high-quality video conferencing capability. This is especially important for customer-facing roles, as well as company executives.

The CBTS Secure Remote Collaboration solution portfolio, powered by Cisco Webex technology, offers video endpoints that combine high-definition cameras, microphones, and speakers, with automatic noise reduction. The intelligent, 120-degree field of view camera follows the participant’s voice while moving, and noise suppression blocks ambient sounds.

The solution uses artificial intelligence built into Webex to interact with participants to take notes and capture action items and reminders using voice commands. Real-time transcription, closed captioning, and recording for post-meeting transcripts give participants all the details they need to optimize meeting content.

With one-button push to meeting, auto recognition, and easy presentation sharing from dual sources, employees can collaborate on a more personal level. Integrated endpoint security verifies employee identities, ensures secure connections, and actively prevents, detects, and responds to threats.

“Successful businesses must now rely solely on digital platforms and video conferencing to connect with valuable clients and prospects,” says Justin Rice, Strategy and Innovation Leader at CBTS.

“Our solution gives companies the ability to make those connections as seamless, robust, and as real-life as possible, giving them a distinct advantage in customer retention, all while enabling IT with the right tools to properly manage their networks.”

With its seamless integration of Cisco Webex software, Cisco Security software, and feature-rich video endpoints, CBTS Secure Remote Collaboration solutions give business teams the ability to deliver timely, true-to-life communications and collaboration experiences needed to retain clients and engage prospects.

As entire industries shift to virtual meetings to protect their staff, companies deploying these solutions gain significant advantages, delivered expertly by CBTS, a Cisco Gold Partner and Cisco Master Webex Solution Provider. Features include:

  • Powerful cameras that deliver intelligent 120-degree field of view, high-definition microphones and speakers, and automatic noise suppression.
  • Enhanced presentation experiences with dual content sources, wireless sharing, and 4K resolution.
  • Simplified meeting experiences with one button push to meeting, voice control, and automatic recognition capabilities.
  • Interoperability with any cloud service video conferencing providers, including Microsoft Teams and Zoom.
  • Tight integrations with screens enhance user interactions; APIs and macros allow meeting personalization.
  • Dual cloud and on-premises deployment, protecting your investment.
  • Portable hardware enabling users to video conference anywhere.
  • Secure software solutions for endpoint management, secure VPN, multi factor authentication, and cloud security.
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