Kryon unveils cloud-based Full Cycle Automation-as-a-Service platform powered by Amazon Web Services

Kryon launched the industry’s first cloud-based Full Cycle Automation-as-a-Service (FCAaaS) platform. Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), Kryon’s FCAaaS pushes the boundaries of automation by combining Process Discovery, RPA, and actionable analytics in one unified platform.

Users can be up and running with the cloud-based solution within 24 hours without extensive technical knowledge or RPA background. Organizations can quickly and easily scale up automation bots on demand whenever capacity is needed, and even have the robot in production within three weeks, thanks to the power of Kryon technology and the cloud.

Earlier this year, Kryon partnered with Virtual AI on its first iteration of cloud-based Full-Cycle Automation. With the launch of FCAaaS as a standalone platform, Kryon takes this concept to an entirely new level, from discovering and mapping processes through RPA deployment, and productivity optimization to continual analysis for superior results.

Key benefits of Kryon FCAaaS include:

  • Frictionless, intuitive interface: Easy-to-understand, transparent user experience is designed to eliminate barriers to entry with no financial, recruitment, or training issues to slow down implementation.
  • Fastest implementation in the industry: Kryon is the only company on the market to commit to a robot in production within three weeks. Users can kickstart their automation journey with immediate set-up and have a functional bot in production in record time without the need to recruit and train a specialist RPA team.
  • Lowest cost of ownership in the industry: In addition to the lowest up-front investment in the RPA sector, the AWS-powered, cloud-based delivery eliminates the high costs of server infrastructure and its associated maintenance.
  • Unprecedented scalability and flexibility: Customers can quickly and easily scale up bots on demand whenever extra automation capacity is needed for a true high-availability solution.
  • Professional services: New users can leverage the highest-rated, hands-on training in the industry, as well as professional services that handle implementation, migration, testing, and automation development.

“Just as Kryon brought Full-Cycle Automation—the single best way to ensure a successful automation project—to the market, FCAaaS is designed to deliver on the promise of RPA where other solutions have failed,” said Harel Tayeb, CEO of Kryon.

“Using the power of the cloud to scale and accelerate automation initiatives, the cloud-based platform has an immediate impact, helping businesses become more agile, productive and profitable, and responsive to rapidly changing market conditions and the exponential growth of remote work operations.”

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