Speech Recognition capability provides added secure payment option for PCI Pal customers

PCI Pal announced the addition of Speech Recognition capability for both its Agent Assist and IVR Payment solutions. With this new feature, PCI Pal users now have the option of allowing callers to securely speak their sensitive card details while PCI Pal processes the data and prevents it from entering the company’s environment.

The introduction of Speech Recognition as a feature of PCI Pal’s Agent Assist and IVR Payment products means that businesses taking Cardholder Not Present (CNP) Payments can offer their customers an additional secure option when paying for products and services.

When payment is required, the customer can now speak their credit card details, as well as use their telephone keypad, when prompted by an agent or IVR to do so.

To ensure security when sensitive data is spoken on a live call, PCI Pal prevents the caller’s voice from reaching an agent. The data is captured by PCI Pal without the agent hearing or seeing it, and from there the payment data is instantaneously sent to the payment provider for processing.

Throughout the entire process, the agent is able to stay in conversation with the customer – meaning they can give assistance and feedback throughout the interaction.

“Having focused our efforts on building the most advanced, globally available, true cloud environment for securing payments, I’m very pleased that we are adding this feature to that platform as part of our Agent Assist and IVR products.

“Speech Recognition has come a long way in the last 5 years, and we felt that now was the right time to launch this capability to give our partners and customers the choice of secure data capture methods during a live call,” said James Barham, CEO of PCI Pal.


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