Accenture myWizard automation platform gets AI-powered automation features

Accenture announced a new generation of its intelligent automation platform Accenture myWizard, to help organizations unleash the power of automation to improve business agility, customer experience and innovation.

Accenture myWizard helps organizations create, implement and measure enterprise-wide automation strategies and reimagine their IT systems for efficiency and performance. The expanded platform offers capabilities for modern software quality engineering, technology operations and enterprise automation journey management — all underpinned by a broad suite of technology assets infused by artificial intelligence (AI).

The platform is designed for collaboration by enabling distributed agile practices that are easily scaled, including automating DevOps in the cloud. New features also include an automation roadmap with benchmarks to identify automation opportunities and provide insights for faster value realization. Accenture myWizard holds more than 150 patents and patent applications.

“Automation is about change, acceleration, and pivoting business to somewhere new. Companies are having to compress years of digital and cultural transformation into months, and automation, like cloud, is an absolutely essential tool for rapid change,” said Paul Daugherty, group chief executive – Technology and chief technology officer for Accenture. “That’s why we have over 100,000 professionals currently using myWizard, and we continually invest in new features, to help our clients build the adaptable, digital foundation they need to keep their businesses relevant and resilient.”

“Organizations are changing how they engage with customers and quickly adapt to volatile market conditions, all while confronting massive cost pressures. A strong digital foundation—powered by automation, data and cloud — is imperative to achieving years of change in a matter of months,” said Paul Daugherty, group chief executive — Technology and chief technology officer for Accenture. “Over 100,000 professionals currently use myWizard to help create, implement and measure an enterprise-wide automation strategy. Its new features will enable organizations to reduce operational costs and gain productivity, while growing their business with speed and certainty.”

The need for enhanced automation capabilities was highlighted by Accenture’s Future Systems research which found that companies that only make defensive technology investments are more likely to face disruption, growth stagnation and financial constraints. In contrast, 98% of leading companies that adopt new technologies such as automation, DevOps and continuous delivery are outperforming their peers in revenue growth and operating margin.

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