ScaleMP vSMP MemoryONE now supports AWS EC2 bare-metal and virtualized instances

ScaleMP announced it is expanding its memory expansion product portfolio to offer vSMP MemoryONE software for a wide range of AWS EC2 instances with NVMe SSDs.

Available via AWS Marketplace, vSMP MemoryONE enables customers to easily expand instance memory to higher capacities and at a much lower cost. Bare-metal instances are supported by vSMP MemoryONE v9. The newly announced vSMP MemoryONE v10 ­­Preview supports AWS virtual instances.

“vSMP MemoryONE is a great success and widely used globally, both on premises and in the cloud. With our new release, AWS EC2 customers can now benefit from on-demand and cost-effective large-memory instances, enabling users to do more and pay less,” said Shai Fultheim, CEO, ScaleMP.

“The latest MemoryONE release enables the flexibility to use memory expansion technology with a large variety of AWS EC2 instances, both bare-metal and virtualized alike. Now, customers can scale instance memory capacity and GB/core ratios to new levels to increase CPU utilization and reduce total cost of ownership.”

vSMP MemoryONE is available from AWS Marketplace, enabling 2x to 12x memory expansion.

About vSMP MemoryONE

vSMP MemoryONE transparently transforms high-end NVM devices into system memory:

  • DRAM-like performance, with up to 8x memory expansion
  • Over 50% cost reduction compared with DRAM-only solutions by using enterprise-grade non-volatile memory
  • Ideal for in-memory databases, Apache Sark, MongoDB, MySQL and large-memory use cases
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