Rescale’s cloud HPC simulation platform now available on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle announced that Rescale‘s cloud HPC simulation platform is now available on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Rescale’s platform helps engineers and scientists build, compute, analyze, and scale simulations with high performance computing.

Now, Rescale customers can deploy and manage their critical engineering simulation and analytics applications on Oracle’s modern cloud infrastructure.

Businesses use Rescale’s intelligent platform to orchestrate HPC jobs in the cloud from anywhere. With Rescale, customers can run complex simulations in the cloud to improve their designs, which is much less expensive and time consuming than building and testing physical prototypes.

With Oracle and Rescale, enterprise customers can take advantage of the industry’s first bare-metal compute instances with cluster networking, resulting in increased productivity, better performance, and reduced cost.

Only Oracle offers bare-metal HPC infrastructure with RDMA networking, an important consideration for applications needing low-latency (sub two microsecond) response times.

“We help engineers and scientists make breakthroughs that enrich our everyday lives,” said Terry Denzer, chief revenue officer, Rescale. “With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, we provide customers with the perfect platform for high performance computing that can be deployed in minutes with maximized control, transparency, and security.”

The Rescale cloud HPC platform, built on a powerful high-performance computing infrastructure, seamlessly matches software applications with the best cloud or on-premises architecture to run complex data processing and simulations.

Rescale on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure integrates with more than 600 HPC simulation applications and workloads and gives customers an easy-to-use enterprise interface to migrate and manage their on-premises HPC workloads on Oracle Cloud.

It includes an intuitive web portal for job submission, monitoring, results visualization, cost management and reporting. Customers can also choose to bring their own Oracle Cloud Infrastructure tenancy and applications licensing.

“Organizations use HPC services, like Rescale’s, to speed digital design and engineering and bring new products to market quickly,” said Clay Magouyrk, executive vice president, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. “Rescale provides great value to our customers by offering HPC services and managing the entire HPC workflow in the cloud.”

Customers are reinventing how they develop products, measure risk, deliver experiences, and revolutionize their industries using Oracle’s HPC solutions. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s HPC services uniquely provides bare-metal compute instances, low latency cluster networks with RDMA, high performance distributed storage solutions, and network traffic isolation to automate and run jobs seamlessly in the cloud.

Oracle Cloud supports the full array of HPC workloads, including CFD, crash, computer-aided design (CAE), electronic design automation (EDA), VFX rendering, reservoir simulations, and AI training/inference.

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