CyberLink FaceMe Security enhanced with mask detection and temperature measurement features

CyberLink announced FaceMe Security’s Health Add-on, the ultimate unobtrusive health-monitoring solution for any facility. The AI engine recognizes if a person is wearing a mask properly over their nose and mouth, verifies identity, and measures temperature.

Upon detecting a person with a fever, someone not wearing a mask, or an individual on a ‘block-list’, a notification is sent to health or security personnel via discreet messaging on CyberLink’s U platform.

The solution is ideal for a wide range of deployments, from commercial buildings and plants to retail stores, restaurants and hotels, and institutional locations like hospitals, schools and airports.

Providing a robust, edge-based end-to-end surveillance and health solution, FaceMe® Security runs on GPU/VPU equipped computers for real-time face detection and identity verification.

With the Health Add-on function integrated in FaceMe Security, health and safety personnel get critical identity, temperature and mask compliance information even before approaching visitors, ensuring everything is handled in the safest possible way.

While most identity detection tools struggle to properly detect individuals wearing a mask, the FaceMe Security Health Add-on provides an accuracy rate with masks of up to 95%. It identifies spoofing or improper use of masks while detecting acceptable face coverings, even if someone is not looking straight into the camera.

“Due to COVID-19, we’ve seen incredible growth in demand for authentication solutions that remain accurate even when masks are worn. Thanks to our flexible AI technology that is constantly refined and improved, CyberLink developed highly accurate tools that not only verify identity but also check mask usage and temperature,” said Dr. Jau Huang, CEO and Chairman, CyberLink.

“Facilities are dealing with the unprecedented challenge of adjusting quickly to new health guidelines while also maintaining security standards. We’re excited to release a solution to help them do both with ease and accuracy.”

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