Shujinko AuditX: Simplifying, automating and modernizing audit preparation and compliance

Shujinko launched AuditX, a SaaS platform that simplifies, automates and modernizes the enterprise cloud security compliance audit process to make it up to 3x faster and dramatically simpler.

Shujinko AuditX

Organizations can use AuditX to speed audits (PCI DSS, SOC 2, ISO 27001, NIST, etc.) across public cloud infrastructure (AWS and Azure) and hybrid environments.

Simultaneously, the company announced its Automated Evidence Collection Engine, the industry’s first platform for automatically orchestrating, collecting and transforming compliance evidence directly from public cloud platforms and other SaaS systems.

“Compliance audits are painful, manual, time-consuming – and happen again and again, year after year,” notes Scott Schwan, Shujinko CEO and co-founder.

“Research shows more than 70% of CISOs are facing multiple upcoming audits while struggling with poor tools, conflicting priorities, limited resources and now remote management. They all want an automated and more efficient process, something AuditX was purpose-built to deliver. It’s the exact tool I wish we had when I was responsible for information security and compliance at Starbucks.”

AuditX eliminates much of this compliance work by translating complex standards requirements and controls into easily understandable tasks for teams, allowing them to spend less time on audits and more on top company growth priorities.

AuditX automates evidence collection, maps evidence across multiple controls and across different standards, streamlines audit workflow and clarifies communication across teams and with auditors. AuditX organizes evidence in a centralized library for final readiness review and provides a 360-degree dashboard to make the entire process highly visible and predictable.

“Automation is key to our business, so naturally I’m a huge fan,” said Udo Waibel, CTO at Oomnitza. “I’ve done audits manually, and it’s a tremendous amount of labor. Automation eliminates that, while also grabbing the metadata that’s difficult – or impossible – for people to get on their own.”

“The audit became a process that all of us could track, and readily understand in terms of completion percentage,” said Krishna Bhat, co-founder and CEO at Kloudio. “That became particularly useful as I kept the board and investors apprised of our rapid progress, and how it was impacting our time to market.”

AuditX makes audit preparation and compliance:

  • Fast – automate collection of evidence directly from cloud infrastructure, distributed cloud services and settings. Automatically map evidence to all applicable controls within and across standards. Display prior audit preparation and narration for historical context.
  • Efficient – assign consolidated tasks, organize prep teams, manage collaborative workflow, review evidence and communications, and maintain a centralized library of audit-ready evidence.
  • Visible – share dashboard reporting (overall and by control), drill down to specific task level with detailed filter view and instantly view evidence without having to leave the tool.
  • Intuitive – onboard in an hour (not weeks or months); begin immediately with simple visual portal and task-based workflow; learn from suggested guidelines, best practice language and examples.
  • Extensible – designed for the future to support a broad range of standards frameworks, AuditX connects to all major cloud platforms and leverages API integration with other SaaS systems for evidence collection and task management.

AuditX and AuditX+ (with Automated Evidence Collection) are available immediately as a software subscription.

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