IPinfo releases Host.io, a domain name data API that speeds up third-party security evaluation

IPinfo announced it built and launched Host.io, a rich and powerful domain name data API. The site collects data on every known domain name, from every TLD, and updates every month. Users can get a list of outbound links, backlinks, redirects, server details, or IP address details, courtesy of IPinfo.io. for any given domain within seconds.

Host.io’s data includes DNS records and website data for each of the domains. The site, available now, processes terabytes of data and summarizes it to produce final results. The data is backed by Google Cloud, remains up to date, and can scale to meet specific needs.

“We’ve built Host.io and its API with developers and businesses in mind, offering important fields that other domain data API providers leave out,” said Ben Dowling, Founder & CEO. “As accurate and comprehensive data becomes essential for our customers, we have made sure that Host.io is another resource and has the speed, reliability, and availability needed.”

“With the Panorays platform, we’re focused on building trust between companies through effective third-party security management. Having accurate and reliable data is essential to our business,” stated Giora Omer, Chief Architect at Panorays.

“Host.io helps us to confirm the security posture of domains of third parties, vendors, suppliers, and business partners to speed up the third-party security evaluation process.”

IPinfo and Host.io have analyzed all the domains in its database, ranked them according to their backlinks, hosting details, domain details, and some secret sauce. Users can now leverage these data sets and rankings for richer analytics, deeper insights, and informed data-driven decision-making.

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