Quobyte Data Center File System 3.0 provides multi-tenancy, 360 security and self-service

Quobyte announced details of its latest version of the Data Center File System, a deploy-anywhere, scale-out storage solution with new security features, a powerful new policy engine and simplicity of self-service to better enable low-latency and high-throughput workloads within a single system.

Quobyte is a software-based distributed file system that offers unlimited performance, unconditional simplicity and seamless integration into any technology stack. Quobyte helps enterprises build a reliable, scalable and flexible software storage infrastructure to help keep up with the exploding amount of corporate data to provide a competitive edge.

Version 3.0 of the Quobyte Data Center File System builds on its previous successes to offer organizations additional features of multi-tenancy, 360 security and self-service.

“The industry continues to move towards infrastructures that require high-performance storage to supplement compute-intensive applications,” said analyst Randy Kerns, Senior Strategist & Analyst.

“What this means in practical terms is finding a solution that can support all workloads at any scale with linear scalability and performance, bullet-proof security, and simple, unified access.

“Quobyte’s powerful policy engine, holistic approach to data protection and storage-as-as-service usability makes it a viable candidate for deployment in organizations that are increasingly moving towards transactional processes and AI/ML workloads.”

360 security
  • Provides holistic data protection
  • End-to-end AES encryption (In transit / at rest / untrusted storage system)
  • Selective TLS support, e.g. between data centers
  • Access Keys for the file system
  • X.509 certificates
  • Event stream (metadata, file access)
Powerful policy engine
  • Control all aspects of a Quobyte cluster through flexible policies, from data redundancy, automatic recoding to immutability
  • The policies can be reconfigured at runtime without interruption of service
  • Automation ensures the optimal selection of redundancy and placement, including the new automatic policy that switches between replication and erasure coding as well as flash and HDD inside a file
Self service
  • Storage-as-a-Service / Cloud-like experience
  • Self-service for users from the webconsole
  • Automatic resource provisioning from kubernetes

Additional new features of Quobyte 3.0 includes a multi-cluster data mover with bi-directional sync, policy-based data tiering between clusters and recoding; and more native drivers, including HDFS and MPI-IO, which provide the benefits of lower latency and less memory bandwidth by bypassing the kernel.

“Cloud migration is propelled by intensifying workloads and data volume explosion. Quobyte’s cloud native solution offers a novel approach with a single, massive scale-out file system supporting a wide range of performance profiles with underlying multi-tier, Flash storage,” said David Goldschmidt, Vice President and Managing Director, Samsung Catalyst Fund.

“Our investment in Quobyte underscores Samsung’s commitment to developing the core semiconductor technologies that can help more organizations unlock the full potential of the cloud and harness the power of future innovations in storage technologies.”

Quobyte 3.0 is available now through the company’s channel of value-added resellers. These VARs, who are committed to providing their customers with a superior storage experience, help find the perfect infrastructure fit for their clients’ needs in order to maximize resources with minimal effort.

Pricing is based on volume with unlimited capacity and unlimited clusters available. Discounts are available for academic institutions.

“One of the reasons why Quobyte resonates so well with our clients is that it works out of the box with their chosen hardware and infrastructure tools to help create an ideal technology stack that addresses their exacting needs,” said Tom Holt, Vice President, Sales West Region of reseller InterVision.

“Elevating an already robust security and policy engine with the improvements built into 3.0, Quobyte is making it an easy choice for organizations looking to benefit from a high-performance, low-latency solution in a single system.”

Quobyte is a single storage system that addresses many different performance profiles from the high-throughput, low-latency requirement of ML/AI to large block sequential, small block random or mixed general workloads.

Quobyte supports the broadest set of access protocols and clients, such as S3, Linux, Hadoop, Windows and NFS for greater platform flexibility and more complete data ingest and preparation. Data is readily available at any stage all within a single global namespace and all managed through Quobyte’s intuitive management console.

“With Quobyte 3.0, we continue to build on our legacy and experience by enhancing features that fully support storage for generation scale-out,” said Bjorn Kolbeck, Quobyte CEO.

“Developers, data scientists and site reliability engineers have embraced scale-out architectures. Users have become accustomed to using applications as though they are cloud native.

“We have answered those expectations and preferences with a new version of our distributed file system that addresses this paradigm shift while still providing the data protection and advanced security features that customers need.”

Quobyte’s deploy-anywhere software is truly hardware agnostic, running on both bare metal and the public cloud.

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