SureView Operations: A hosted service for running security command centers

SureView Systems is launching SureView Operations (Ops), a subscription-based version of its respected command center management system. The Ops platform optimizes operational processes and team response to radically improve the coordination and management of security events, creating better security outcomes.

“Over the last few months, our customers have shared with us how Covid-19 has caused a rethink in their security operations. Overwhelmingly, they are looking for flexible solutions that can be implemented immediately, to support remote working, wider team collaboration, and the ability to adapt quickly to changing needs. In response, we developed SureView Ops.

“We understand it’s difficult for security leaders to embark on large projects to overhaul their operations in today’s uncertain climate. SureView Ops resolves this by making the software available as a fully hosted service that supports existing systems and services, making the deployment simple.

“We offer a 30-day trial and engineering support so customers can get started today and be operational within the trial period,” says Simon Morgan, Chief Product and Marketing Officer.

Ops has been developed to support organizations of any size, and in any sector, that operate a security control center. The platform is built on the world’s leading infrastructure provider AWS, delivering the security, scale, and resilience organizations need to run 24/7 operations.

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