Danske Bank implements Behavox’s solution for compliance supervision

Behavox announced that Danske Bank has successfully implemented Behavox’s solution in less than five months for compliance supervision.

“Danske Bank is committed to developing innovative solutions to help us reach the highest standards of corporate governance and meet the expectations of our customers, employees and other stakeholders,” said Simon Kingsbury, Executive Vice President at Danske Bank.

“By partnering with Behavox, we have been able to significantly advance our capabilities in compliance. By using the artificial intelligence and machine learning of Behavox we are able to rapidly identify potentially non-compliant activity and take appropriate action.”

Behavox has vast customer experience successfully implementing the largest, most complex projects in the financial services sector – from the world’s biggest multinational banks to the most prominent hedge funds and private equity firms.

Danske Bank represents one of the larger projects Behavox has implemented, making the four-month SaaS-based deployment a major achievement for the customer and company alike.

In June, Danske Bank partnered with Behavox to establish group wide compliance communications monitoring, and has since completed a seamless, full SaaS implementation of the Behavox Compliance solution.

The Behavox Compliance solution is helping the bank become faster, smarter, and more agile in supporting its employees as they work for the bank’s millions of customers throughout the Nordics and beyond.

“As the future of the workplace is likely to remain increasingly distributed, Danske Bank needs an agile compliance solution that allows them to strengthen regulatory compliance controls in their mission to modernize banking,” said Nabeel Ebrahim, Chief Revenue Officer at Behavox.

“As one of our largest European customers, Behavox is proud to have delivered a regulatory compliance solution that allows Danske Bank to aggregate, analyze, and act on their entire organization’s data to help them uphold their risk management commitments.”

The ability for Behavox’s solution to provide multilingual (data privacy compliant) coverage of compliance requirements across numerous voice and text-based applications in multiple markets is critical for Danske Bank as well as other leading international firms.

Behavox supports financial regulatory compliance requirements for Dodd-Frank, MAR, FCPA, SMR, and MiFID II, and its solutions meet the requirements of the most demanding global regulators, such as FINRA, CFTC, and FCA.

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