Ubiq Security unveils API-based encryption platform for developers, reducing encryption complexities

Ubiq Security announced the launch of its API-based encryption platform for developers. The United States Army, Department of Homeland Security, Verizon, and Hitachi are among the first customers to streamline data protection and security using the Ubiq platform.

Ubiq has eliminated the traditional complexities of encryption, allowing developers and information security teams – even those without encryption or cryptography expertise – to integrate data encryption directly into applications in minutes, with nothing more than a few lines of code and two API calls.

Teams can encrypt data effortlessly across diverse applications and programming languages, cloud environments, and storage types.

“Encryption is a critical part of security that’s historically been one of the hardest things to get right,” said Wias Issa, CEO of Ubiq.

“There are very few true encryption and cryptography experts in the market, so most organizations lack the domain expertise to implement encryption effectively.

“Simplifying encryption down to a few lines of code and two API calls enables organizations to very quickly integrate encryption directly into their applications and empower their developers to build encryption directly into the software development lifecycle, reducing downstream costs and risk, and enabling them to spend their time and resources building fantastic products.”

Behind the platform’s APIs is a SaaS-based software layer that eliminates the guesswork, jargon, and complexity of cryptography and encryption, through a simple dashboard, so developers can be up and running in just minutes.

The dashboard allows developers (or members of their security teams) to select from proven, best-practice encryption models and policies for all their applications in a central location, provides key management and FIPS 140-2 Type 3 compliant key storage, and a complete log of key access and activity.

“Implementing data encryption methods and practices across large enterprises can be fragmented or lead to one-off implementations,” said Rick Stewart, chief software technologist, DLT Solutions, a Tech Data company.

“Ubiq’s platform strengthens our cybersecurity portfolio and provides our channel partners and their U.S. public sector customers with a centralized key management and storage solution with the ability to have a standard data encryption practice.”

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