Deeptree selects Stellar Cyber to deliver intelligent next generation SOC

Stellar Cyber announced that Deeptree has selected the Stellar Cyber platform as the basis of its intelligent next generation SOC. Through this partnership, Deeptree can bring tailored, enterprise-class cybersecurity services to customers of all sizes.

The Stellar Cyber platform goes beyond other SOC solutions in that it tightly integrates native capabilities, such as network detection response (NDR), cloud detection response (CDR) and SIEM, while also analyzing data from existing third-party solutions to provide the most comprehensive security protection throughout the kill chain.

Stellar Cyber monitors and responds to attacks at endpoints, in the network, on servers, in the cloud or SaaS applications to provide a complete solution.

“We knew that just acquiring a bunch of siloed security tools would leave us with difficulty correlating detections across tools, so we wanted a comprehensive security platform that integrated all of the important tools and allowed us to integrate others to meet the needs of specific customers,” said Peter House, president and CEO of Deeptree.

“Stellar Cyber was the only platform we found that would deliver complete protection with the ability to adapt our services for specific customers.”

“Deeptree is leading a new class of MSSPs that are delivering enterprise-class security services to customers of all sizes,” said Jim O’Hara, vice president of sales and business development at Stellar Cyber. “Our product allows providers like Deeptree to cost-effectively scale services up or down as needed to meet individual customer needs.”

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