SpyCloud VIP Guardian helps protect executive accounts without compromising privacy

SpyCloud launched SpyCloud VIP Guardian to extend the power of workplace fraud and account takeover prevention to the personal accounts of critical employees, board members and investors.

While enterprises can monitor corporate accounts and credentials for breach exposure, personal accounts tend to fall outside of their protection. SpyCloud VIP Guardian fills that gap by empowering critical employees to secure their own online identities using enterprise-grade tools, without exposing private data to their organizations.

When employees’ personal credentials are exposed to criminals in a new data breach, they are alerted so they can reset compromised passwords quickly and prevent account takeover and online fraud before it happens.

“Most people don’t realize just how often their passwords end up in the hands of criminals or how those passwords can be used to access other accounts that they think are safe,” said Chip Witt, Vice President of Product Management at SpyCloud.

“With SpyCloud VIP Guardian, we are extending our world-class account takeover prevention platform to personal accounts to protect important data on every front.”

SpyCloud VIP Guardian empowers business security leaders to:

  • Extend the value of SpyCloud enterprise subscriptions to executives’ personal email accounts/identities, which are prime targets for cybercriminals
  • Help executives, board members, and investors protect themselves from account takeover by giving them real-time visibility of their own data breach exposure
  • Close security gaps that fall outside of corporate control by enabling executives to secure vulnerable personal accounts that could put your enterprise at risk
  • Educate executives with sensitive access to corporate resources about the importance of strong password security.

The new solution allows companies to help protect executive accounts without compromising their privacy. Executives’ personal information such as email addresses, passwords or personally identifiable information are not accessible to the organization.

People should always make strong cybersecurity practices part of their personal habits, but the need is even greater now with millions of people still working from home during the pandemic and intermingling personal and professional accounts.

While all employees can be targets, savvy cybercriminals know that executives and others with high levels of access, whether they work as developers, system administrators, executive assistants or other roles, may lead to potentially lucrative or sensitive data and intellectual property.

With SpyCloud VIP Guardian, organizations can give these employees visibility and control of their own online identities by alerting them to new breach exposures tied to their personal accounts, enabling them to protect themselves both at work and at home.

Despite warnings not to reuse passwords across multiple accounts, the fact is that people do it all the time simply because it’s convenient. Criminals prey on this habit and use login credentials obtained from data breaches to take over other accounts. Any account protected by the same password as one that was breached is in danger.

The best way to prevent these accounts from being taken over is to identify the compromised credentials as quickly as possible after a breach – before criminals have time to use them.

That requires a comprehensive, continuously updated database of breach data that security leaders can compare with employees’ accounts. All SpyCloud solutions are underpinned by the world’s largest breach data collection.

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