FileCloud Aurora 20.2 features enhancements to user interface and navigation

FileCloud launched FileCloud Aurora 20.2, the latest version of its secure enterprise product. Aurora introduces a re-imagination of FileCloud’s browser, mobile and sync clients. This update features a sleek and responsive design that provides teams with a powerful, comfortable and fluid file-sharing experience.

Aurora delivers a clean user interface that has been reimagined based on years of experience working with real customers. Designed to be both beautiful and functional, Aurora’s responsive UI enhances user experience with visual hints and intuitive capabilities.

Every action is reinforced with animations, and each area of the directory is marked with a different color so that users can depend on visual cues. Mouseover functionality, more descriptive labels and tooltips also help users work without being burdened by miscommunication and confusion.

With the company’s guarantee of “from login to sharing in seconds,” it makes sense that productivity is at the core of the Aurora experience. Major quality-of-life enhancements cut down on time wasted on tedious double-clicking, dragging and searching.

Single-click actions allow users to hover over file listings and immediately perform common actions such as refreshing, sharing, viewing, locking or unlocking. Aurora also introduces dozens of keyboard shortcuts, letting users act on their files without taking their hands off their keyboards.

Navigation is easier than ever with all directories accessible on the collapsible sidebar, giving users complete control over the quantity of information on their screen. The new infinite scrolling provides seamless navigation through even thousands of files and folders.

Users can now also favorite, or “star,” files and folders that they frequently use for easier and quicker access. Recently viewed or accessed files also automatically appear on the dashboard, right next to all starred items, for maximum efficiency and convenience.

“Aurora is a major update that’s all about making your information work for you and not the other way around,” said Madhan Kanagavel, FileCloud’s founder and CEO. “We set out to build the ultimate user experience for the best file-sharing solution on the planet, and I believe we did it.”

New functions like clipboard-image-pasting allow users to copy an image onto their clipboard and directly upload the image file into their library via pasting or keyboard shortcut “ctrl-v” – saving time on having to download, save and then upload the image.

The new built-in Markdown editor embraces the popular markup language, letting users append notes, wikis and comments on files directly within the file-sharing solution itself.

Lastly, this update also focuses on accessibility, having been designed with the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) in mind. High contrast, color options, visual cues and other customization options increase usability for a broader range of audiences.

Other major improvements include:

  • New Dark Mode
  • Non-blocking operations for long-running tasks
  • Support for color customization and themes
  • Full translation in multiple languages

Aurora also is completely compatible with older versions of the FileCloud interface, so all existing files and URLs will remain unchanged.

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