AppViewX selects Cryptsoft KMIP server to enhance its NetOps and SecOps products capabilities

Cryptsoft continues to extend its role as the premier supplier of Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) technologies to the global market by adding AppViewX to their long list of valued customers.

AppViewX has recognized and responded to wide-spread customer demand for full lifecycle management of symmetric data encryption keys, by adding Cryptsoft’s KMIP (Key Management Interoperability Protocol) Server to their platform.

Having an extensive customer list of internationally recognised companies, AppViewX understood that market-proven, open standards-based solutions, such as the OASIS KMIP standard, was the lowest-risk technical path to meeting their customers’ requirements.

After evaluating all options for acquiring KMIP technology, including OEM supply, open-source, and internal development, Cryptsoft’s technology was selected as the most direct and expedient path to commercial success.

Cryptsoft’s market proven KMIP server and KMIP client technology has been licensed by AppViewX to provide the technical foundation for their platform’s key management capability.

Already a market leader in certificate lifecycle automation, machine identity management, IoT, and application delivery automation, AppViewX can now add market leading KMIP capability to their impressive list of security technologies under management.

Using a library of pre-built tasks and workflows, AppViewX’s platform enables Ops teams to quickly and easily translate business and legal requirements, including full lifecycle key management, into automation workflows that improve their customers’ agility, compliance enforcement, error reduction, and cost minimization.

“With our customers, and the market in general, demanding ever more from their security vendors, adding key management server (KMS) capability to our platform by licensing Cryptsoft’s proven KMIP server was an uncomplicated choice given their market knowledge, extensive experience, and impressive customer roster,” said Muralidharan Palanisamy, Chief Solutions Officer at AppViewX.

“The detailed technical support we received from Cryptsoft helped our engineers to quickly and effectively integrate Cryptsoft’s technology into our platform and comply to the KMIP standard.

“The OEM KMIP technology market has seen a rapid uptick in companies, especially Gartner recognised companies such as AppViewX, looking to augment and extend their market offerings with key management server capabilities,” said Justin Corlett, Business Development Manager at Cryptsoft.

“While AppViewX’s implementation will focus on symmetric key management, KMIP can support full key lifecycle for a wide range of security objects including asymmetric keys, split keys, certificate, and tokens, amongst others.

“Whether a company needs to replace any legacy key management components in their existing products or platforms, or if they need to augment and add KMIP, our deep expertise, product quality, and proven interoperability will allow our customers to be confident that their products will cleanly interoperate with every KMIP-enabled product in the market.”

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